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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I love this stuff. The more that the radical loonies on the left open their stupid mouths, the more the conservatives look better and better. When will they realise this?

The likes of Durbin, Obama, Kennedy and the others have travelled so far to the left that they have left no choice for the "other side" to go completely to the right, this has left everyone scratching their heads. What it has also caused is the moderates, such as McCain from Arizona, sounding stupid when they open their mouths. When will it stop?

The more "tolerant" the left claims to be, the more they prove themselves wrong. Take for instance a recent experience on a liberal forum out of the little town of Bisbee, Arizona. I was banned from this forum..why? I say it is because they didnt like the fact that I had a good solid basis for my statements, they say its because I linked to an article that was copyrighted, but their hypocrisy shines, others had done the EXACT same thing except it forwarded a liberal agenda, so it was allowed to remain. So they sent me a "warning" I sent them a response that they were wrong, but never said anything more, so they banned me for a week, I told them that they were violating my 1st amendment rights (Yes..they were, because their board is an open forum for all opinions, so therefore, they had to honor my conservative political views if they were going to allow others to do the same) Ce Lest Vie, I am waiting for a call back from my attorney, a similiar situation happened in California and the court ruled in favor of the poster.

As I get more savvy the quality of this blog will improve, but stay tuned, because I like to poke fun at people.


Blogger DRP said...

The cartoonist left out the gun carrying hippies who would take out the terrorist.

Viva Free Speech!

14 October, 2005 11:10  

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