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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

But...but...but...we had no reason to take him out!

So says the Liberals.......Meanwhile, Sadaam Hussein was responsible for this:


BAGHDAD, Iraq - A woman witness testified Tuesday from behind a screen and her voice disguised to protect her identity, weeping as she told of beatings and electric shocks at the hands of Saddam Hussein's agents in the trial of the former president and seven lieutenants.

Saddam sat stone-faced, taking notes on a pad of paper, as the woman, known only as "Witness A," testified how she was taken into custody after the 1982 assassination attempt against Saddam in the town of Dujail.

Wadah al-Sheik, an Iraqi intelligence officer who died of cancer last month, ordered her to take off her clothes, she said, testifying from behind a light blue cloth curtain.

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