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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lets see what others are saying..........

Lets see what others are saying, btw...have I mentioned before ... JOHN KERRY YOU GO TO HELL...YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE

Its going to be hard to find folks talking about anything but Kerry and his liberal asshat hate...but...we can give it a try........

From Airborne Vet: "Attention Senator Kerry: I have more education than you and I served in the military! I served because I wanted to. I served out of pride for my country. I served for the experience. Why did you serve? Were you brain washed? Were you an uneducated lazy slob? Oh wait, you were a Lieutenant who took a camera with you to Vietnam and, after every mission, went back and filmed your route to make you look good, so you could use the footage to run for political office later on. Yes, Kerry I remember those goofy campaign commercials. You have always had a political agenda and have never given two shits about any military person other than yourself!!"

Lets try this again......

Speed of thought

Something wrong with my internet connection?

From the Radio Equalizer..."KERRY FIRESTORM With Attack On Troops, Mass Senator Fuels Outrage"

:: tap my keyboard...hello..anyone...Buehler? Buehler?? ::

Flight Pundit: John Ferry opened his mouth again, twice!

In case you havent noticed...there is a point in this excercise...everyone is talking about...as it should be....This. And about the Foley thing? IT only deserved a 2nd glance the next day...it was UNIMPORTANT in the overall scheme of things. THIS ISSUE WITH KERRY shows the TRUE face of the Dhimmicrats.

Fire and Hammer is back! And he has a few things to say, most notable "BTW all went well with the surgery and the family member is recovering and cleared by doctors to return to a more normal routine" YAY!!!!

Raven at And Rightly So! Has a little roundup linky love going on.

The Bookworm Room has a post from another blogger that pretty summarises every Dhimmicats pathetic attempt to point to Bush as an idiot, "Now he’s left with the argument that he misquoted himself while trying to show off his supposed intellectual superiority over George Bush, and that it’s all Bush’s fault despite being Kerry’s intellectual inferior"

The Junkyard blog has a video which brings an issue home for everyone.

Mikes America has a post with videos showing what the MSM media doesnt want you to see

Stop The ACLU has an article on the ACLU going after crosses. One thing that stuck out to me about this article, The ACLU is trying to stop and overturn the will of 76% of San Diegos citizen voters.

The Dreadpundit Bluto has video of the 3rd Batallion 1st Marines kicking ass and taking care of business for the american people.

American and Proud of It has the award for the most creative costume for Halloween.

American Dinosaur has links on how you can help the troops

The Espresso Pundit has a VERY interesting blurb about Illegals voting dated 10/31/2006 .. Check it out, "Cochise County workers are reporting that of 12,000 jury summons sent to registered voters, 500 recipients called back to say they could not serve because they are not citizens. Assuming a random sample, that's over 4% of registered voters that are not U.S. citizens—an interesting report given the issues in this year's election"

First the BBC and now the NYT has admitted bias...thank to Ace of Spades HQ we know this!

From Sweetness & Light, we find out that a liberal judge has blocked an anti-illegal immigrant law from taking effect. ACK!!!!

Mackers world is reporting that in the interest of re-writing history, the Dhimmicrats have Shrillary Clinto re-defining what internationalism is.

And bringing up the rear in FINE fashion are my favorite Chicago Minutemen the Freedom Folks. There is so much to choose from...go and read em all!

That concludes this issue folks...join me tomorrow for more fun thrown at the left.

Remember the 2 most important things right now:






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