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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alright youse mugs

I am back...and angrier than ever. I have decided that when it comes to personal relationships, I am never ever going to be happy, so why try?

I have my relationship with God, and that is good enough.

For the past few weeks I have sat back and watched events unfold throughout the world that I have been unable to comment on because of my keyboard, but starting today, I am in business, couple that with the fact that I dont have my time spoken for me any longer and I will have more time to irritate the hell out of liberals. This should be an olympic sport...seriously.

Reminder that the the reasonable me when dealing with liberals is out the window. I am only reasonable to those who share my views. Its the way the liberals work, and its the way I will work from now on. Why you ask? Because I am assured that my view is the truth.

Bring it on mudducks

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Blogger AirborneVet said...

Wow. You are in a bad mood. No worries, so was I when I wrote my post tonight.
Sorry to hear about your relationship blues. I was lucky enough to happen upon my hubby, but not until after many heartbreaks and a few crazies.

28 January, 2007 22:13  

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