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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lets see what others are saying

So I missed last week...yeah yeah yeah...sue me. Life is like that when you concern yourself with one person and one family. Some things are just soooooooooooo right, you know it right away.

Despite that though, I had the honor of standing with about 20 other patriots this morning in front of the recruiting office here in Tucson. We were countering the moonbats who decided to celebrate the deaths of 3004 soldiers in Iraq. How macabe can you get? Winner of our sides funniest sign of the day was the one with an arrow pointed to the moonbats (they were across the street) that said, "Sadaams Coffin" With a smiley face and a thumbs up...you see, they had an effigy of Hussein out there. An ex-marine (yes, I know, no such thing, unless you turn your backs on your brothers) was standing on our sign having the nerve to hold a sign that said, bring our marines home now...standing next to a guy holding a flag of the UN. I got to hand it tohim for tenacity, I stood blocking his sign and he didnt move, I pulled out my cigarettes and blew smoke right at him...he didnt budge, A for effort.

Anyway, I am babbling, I tend to do that....again...sue me. Away we go........

2007 started off good for me, but apparently SOME people arent so happy about it...peeshaw.

Michael over at Flight Pundit proclaims, McCain Sucks (will FEC agents come after me now?) Indeed!

Better yes, Darnell, the Independent Conservative blows Pat Robertson out of the water by proclaiming, "Pat Robertson is a False Prophet and it’s Time We Christians Stop Giving Him a Pass! Benny Hinn too." Its about time SOMEONE said it

Just a note....I hemmed and hawed about changing over to the new blogger, but now that I have, I am happy with it. No more going back to make hotlinks, it does it for me :)

Flopping Aces points us to the UN at work. HAH!

From Fire and Hammer, our bible study for this week, "Love and Obedience"

And, the Absurd Report, has our Political Quote of the Day… “A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” - Robert Frost - Indeed!

From Old War Dogs, This guy has a set of big brass ones....An ordinary hero if you ask me!

Raven over at And Rightly So! Breaks it down Men do matter; but so do women

The Ex-Donkey blog proudly proclaims, "Let the Stalemate Begin"

You know, let me interrupt here for a second....When I left the rally this morning I had to make a U-turn up the street ... standing on the corner were 2 moonbats, one holding a sign that says "I oppose pre-emptive war" and another holding a sign that said "Blah blah blah deaths blah blah change US policy now" or something like that. Anyway, I yelled over to the one holding the 2nd sign, "Why werent you out here protesting the 1.5 million people killed by Sadaam?" She had no answer, just peeked out from behind her sign. The guy holding the other sign said "I oppose pre-emptive wars" I yelled back, "that is fine, but where were you when Sadaam killed the Kurds..his own people? Why werent you out here protesting his invasion of Kuwait?" He had no answer, just turned around, so as I made my u-turn I yelled..."Hypocrite, thy name is democrat" Ah well

Moving along:

So...as if to illustrate my point, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler points to hypocrisy ... thy name is dhimmicraps.

And as if to jump on the bandwagon, from Cold Fury, Hypocrisy, thy name is…

A good article from Stop the ACLU, The ACLU is Fighting for the Trafficking of Women Worldwide .. NICE..not

Screw Politcally Correct BS asks, what the hell is wrong with people? I have asked the same thing Jen!

BTW....Tucson has a shortage of blood right now, the American Red Cross is asking for donations, I gave today...how about you do the same?

LOL....From Sweetness and Light, I think the Dhimmicraps are getting what they deserve, courtesy of Shamehan..this kills me. Cindy Sheehan, Pals Disrupt Democrat’s Press Conference

My good friend Josh over at Mackers world Reports on Ellison to use Jefferson’s Koran when being sworn in...but there is a twist, read it

American and Proud asks Will the MSM put this out front?

And bringing up the rear as usual is from the Freedom Folks, ALWAYS a good read. They have the Quote of the Day. Snicker

Ok, that is it, 2007 is starting off damn good for me. The folks on our side this morning at the rally told me that my new love has to meet "the family" because they consider themselves family...we all do. I know she wont hold a sign, but for me, she will go and meet them. Have a great week everyone!




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