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Monday, November 05, 2007

Fire & Hammer: No Excuses

Fire & Hammer: No Excuses


Excuses, we all make them, trying to justify our actions.

But if we have no reason to justify them, then why do we make excuses?

A person who I love and respect in my life once told me, excuses are crutches, we use them to justify our unjustifiable actions (thank you to my wife)

She was right, we do use them as crutches. But check this out

Trust in the Lord and you will walk free! You dont need those crutches.

I can relate this to many scriptures in the Bible, the most prominent of which are the stories in which the sick and lame have received healing from Christ. To most he said, "By your faith you are healed"

With this healing comes redemption, as he said to Mary Magdelen, "I do not comdemn you, go and sin no more" He forgave her for her sins, and she made no excuses, so she was redeemed and followed Jesus all the way to the cross.

This is the way I want to go, like Fire and Hammer pointed out, sometimes we find ourselves falling into old ways, making excuses. Maybe its something as simple as, oh I will just put off cleaning the house until tomorrow. Or I will just call in to work today sick.

Read between the lines on that, do you see what I am saying? Excuses are lies...to ourselves, to others and to GOD!

No way do I want to live that life, so I am being VERY Intentional in walking in the truth.

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