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Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to the socialist republic of California

From Yahoo News:

California bans restaurants from using trans fats

Fri Jul 25, 4:26 PM ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - California is joining the health crusade against artery-clogging trans fats.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation Friday that will prohibit restaurants and other "food facilities" from using oil, margarine and shortening containing trans fats.

Violations could result in fines of $25 to $1,000. Food sold in their manufacturers' sealed packaging would be exempt.

New York City and Philadelphia have ordinances banning trans fats, but Schwarzenegger's office says California is the first state to adopt such a law.


Yep....nasty ole restaurants ... actually giving you choices....SHAME ON THEM

Enter the Nanny State

Now you see what socialism looks like.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, when are they going to move on to prepackaged food for sale in grocery stores, you know, like Oreo cookies?
I remember reading about some lawyer who tried to sue Nabisco for having trans-fats in Oreo cookies, but the case was thrown out by the judge. I wish that judge would step in now.

28 July, 2008 11:00  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Give it time, for every judge that has a level head, there are 3 liberal ones that dont

28 July, 2008 16:43  
Anonymous Society of Lemmings said...


Avie Joe here. I'm a California resident and I'm so pissed about this. You want to know something even better? It's not just the trans fat BS. They are trying to outlaw smoking in the city of Pasadena in L.A. County. It starts with one thing... I will be blogging about this in full when I get more information on it. Feel free to swing by folks. Oh and a note to the blog owner as well, I will be adding you to my "Other voices of logic" section on my blog. Lovin' what you have to say.

Avie Joe, The One Less Jumper

Society of lemmings

28 July, 2008 21:35  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Avie, thanks for the linky love.

You are the exception and not the rule, unfortunately, in California.

What you talk about was one of my main motivators for moving to Arizona from the SF Bay Area. California seems to be right behind New York in establishing themselves as a nanny state. Its socialism, pure and simple, and I am not surprised the Governator takes the stance that he does on most issues. I warned my friends when Davis was recalled.

Welcome to my humble little blog. I dont post much but try and have some substance to what I do post.

30 July, 2008 07:23  

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