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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to Running

It has been two years since my son was born and a little over two years that I quit running all together. Sigh. This past week, I started running again. Luckily, I have always kept walking and most of that was done with a child in a jogging stroller in Bisbee, so we had lots of hills. (Is that a run-on sentence or what?) This has made the transition back to running much easier. I never thought I could, once again, get out of bed before 5am, but I am. And I LOVE IT!! Running in the morning gives me alone time. It gives me time to just enjoy being outside and watching the sunrise. I get fresh air and a clearer head.

The joy of running again also comes with new running shoes! Yay! I just got them today from Road Runner Sports. I've been shopping with them for years. I'm trying out the new Brooks Addiction for over pronators. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll review them for you.

Anyone else a runner? Comment here! The Tucson Marathon weekend is in Dec. They do have a 5k if anyone is interested. And let's not forget the annual Bisbee Stair climb!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...


Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

I can't run.... bad knees and back. Got them from running. :P

26 September, 2008 17:01  

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