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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More ACORN shenanigans - Get your brooms


My comments are in bold.

ACORN voter registration draws fraud investigators


Tucson, Arizona | Published: 10.15.2008

WASHINGTON — An activist organization on Tuesday defended its voter-registration practices amid new allegations of voter fraud and a call from Republican lawmakers to investigate irregularities.

How can you defend that which is indefensible?

In Ohio, Democrat Barack Obama said the GOP shouldn't use the group's registration problems as an excuse to keep voters from turning out on Election Day, Nov. 4.
The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, has registered 1.3 million young people, minorities and poor and working-class voters, the group says.

No, we shouldn't use this as an excuse to keep voters from turning out, and we will not, however; ANY registrations from ACORN need to be suspect and should be marked so that poll workers have to check ID of the voters who turn out to the polling place

Some of those registration cards have become the focus of fraud investigations in Nevada, Connecticut, Missouri and at least five other states. Election officials in Ohio and North Carolina also recently questioned the group's voter forms.
More than 13,000 workers in 21 states recruited poorer voters, who tend to be Democrats.

13,000 workers.....who turned in at least 20 to 25 registrations per day lets see, simple math, 13,000 times 20 (give the benefit of the doubt here) = 260,000 questionable registrations. And that is just in 21 of the 50 (57 if you are Barrack Hussein Obama) states. Lets average that to include all 50 states .. lets see if there are 13,000 workers in 21 states, then that is an average of 619 workers per state, times that by 50 is 30,950 workers times 20 voter registrations per day equals 619,000 QUESTIONABLE registrations...that my friends is enough to win an election by fraud

"The vast, vast majority were dedicated workers," ACORN spokesman Kevin Whelan said at a news conference. "They did something remarkable in bringing all these new voters."

Dedicated all right, dedicated to committing fraud to get their job done

On Monday, election officials in Ohio's most populous county asked a prosecutor to investigate multiple registrations by four people who signed up through ACORN. One voter said he signed 73 voter-registration forms during a five-month period.
The North Carolina State Board of Elections is reviewing suspect voter forms from at least two counties.

Ok, this puts a monkey wrench in the math, doesn't it? One voter signed 73 registration forms, lets triple the number now that I have been using (its ok, I don't mind losing those 13 voters) so, 619,000 times 3 equals 1,857,000 QUESTIONABLE registrations. Get the idea how far this goes?

Meanwhile, House Republicans also have renewed their push for a Justice Department investigation of ACORN. On Friday, six GOP leaders wrote to Attorney General Michael Mukasey to urge him to make sure ballots by ineligible or fraudulent voters are not counted on Nov. 4.

Whelan said ACORN staffers separate applications with missing or false information and flag them for election officials.

YEAH RIGHT, we can BELIEVE that...NOT. What we have here folks...are honest crooks, isn't that refreshing?

Whelan said he did not know how many registration cards had problems but believed it was a small percentage. He was unsure how many workers were fired for purposely turning in duplicate applications or those with fake information, he said.
If the forms "look false, we identify them as such," Whelan said.

Small percentage? Look at my numbers, that is NO SMALL PERCENTAGE MR WHELAN

ACORN has been drawn into a back-and-forth between the presidential campaigns.
Republican John McCain's campaign on Tuesday said Obama should rein in ACORN's efforts to fight voter fraud. The campaign accuses the Democratic presidential candidate of having close ties to the group.


Obama and two other lawyers represented ACORN in 1995 in a lawsuit against the state of Illinois to make voter registration easier. During this year's primary, Obama hired a firm with ties to the group for a massive get-out-the-vote effort.
Obama told reporters on Tuesday that ACORN was not advising his campaign on voter registration.

Sure, we can all believe that ... right?




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