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Monday, October 17, 2005

This past Saturday, and various things

Saturday, October 15, 2005--the people of Iraq have voted for their constitution and the Southern Arizona Chapter of Protestwarrior.com was outside the gates of Ft Huachuca showing their support for our troops. With me was http://universeandthings.blogspot.com/ and her husband, and what we lacked for in numbers was made up for in enthusiasm. I swear she must have been a cheerleader in her past life :) Lots of honks of supports and applause for our time, the day was a success.

I got to contemplating over the weekend about the left squealing about fiscal problems that Bush is causing and I started to look into it. Did you know it takes about 4-6 years for fiscal irresponsibility to make it down to the common man? Taking this into consideration, Clinton, the poster child for liberalism gone bad, was actually responsible for taking the GOOD fiscal policies of Reagan (God rest his soul) and beating them into submission, leaving Bush to pick up the pieces. A little truth..I love it.

Riots in Ohio? Go figure that there are those who are going to take advantage and use something as an excuse to pillage and rob. See my previous entry and the cartoon, it speaks LOUDER than anyone ever could.

I had Flight Pundit leave me some comments about a service that can help me edit comments left by others. Unlike some people, I dont back down from a good argument nor do I back down from a debate, so I am not going to delete any comments on my blog (Except those that are spam or uses profanity). Otherwise, its all good, this is an open forum for those that want to agree or disagree with me. Flight pundit is an ex-marine, the man has nothing but my utmost respect and admiration.

I am rambling again, back to work.


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