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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

But...but...but...Connie Chung told me it was so!

He saw no torture

Army Captain Ian Fishback and Anthony Lagouranis, a former Army Specialist (E-4) say they are witnesses to a pattern and practice of abuse against terrorists--I'm throwing the B.S. flag.

Lagouranis told Newsweek "There were freaking horrible things people were doing. I saw [detainees] who had feet smashed with hammers. One detainee told me he had been forced by Marines to sit on an exhaust pipe, and he had a softball-sized blister to prove it. The stuff I did was mainly torture lite: sleep deprivation, isolation, stress positions, hypothermia. We used dogs."

Fishback and Lagouranis talk of a pattern and practice of abusing terrorists and claim that command level officers condone and perpetuate the abuse.

I'm throwing the Bullshit Flag right now.

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