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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hello LIAMD readers

Like wow...I've been invited to join the list of cool writers here and I'm honored. Thank you Dennis for the invite! I'm known as Raven and I blog at a few places- mostly at my own site, but I also blog at FlightPundit and South Park Republicans (among several others)...it's with pleasure that I am here.

Here's something to think about if you're so inclined. Shillary Clinton thinks Karl Rove has a crush on her LOL.

"Karl Rove is a brilliant strategist. So, if I were thinking about this," she told WROW-AM radio in Albany, "I'd say, why are they spending so much time talking about me?"

There is more to this article, read it if you can stomach her self fondling ego.


Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

THanks for joining me :) Carte blanche is hereby instilled!

28 February, 2006 07:09  
Blogger Raven said...

wOOt. LOL.

28 February, 2006 07:53  

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