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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More fun with Liberals

So just for fun, I decided to post on Craigslist Tucson in the Rants and Raves section in response to someone who was spouting that the war in Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and instead was about Oil (Typical) I attached the following picture which was taken by Coalition soldiers in Southern Iraq.

I posted with the title, "Nah...Sadaam had NOTHING to do with 9/11" With the body, "This picture, taken in Iraq, says it all" Then sat back to watch the fun begin.

The first posting in response to this was:

oh pleeezzzee

u fkin lemming

Wow, now there was an intelligent, thought out response. Keep in mind that Craigslist, no matter where you go, is populated with liberals, so your chances of getting a response from a lib is about 1 to 1 in odds.

I posted this with the intention of not responding, just seeing what happens, so sit back and watch I did. The next response was another typical lib tactic...divert the attention away from the subject matter at hand.

Whom are you addressing? I didn't see a post saying Sadaam had nothing to do with the WTC attack. He didn't, by the way. Our "intelligence" agencies tried endlessly to prove a connection and came up empty handed. But a finger painting from some uneducated, angry, America hating Arab proves it? HAHAHAHAHA! That's a fucking riot!!

A photograph, on the other hand... This picture was also taken in Iraq.

Wow...another intelligent, well thought out response. The poster accused me of posting a "Finger painting" Yeah..sure

So enter the moderates...this person reminds of McCain...who is a wienie btw.

I don't think there's much difference between people on the right making a claim, and the counterclaims from the left to be honest. The post showed a picture, and after I did some research on it, it does appear to be a viable information site. I would suggest that all you who hate Bush at least have an open mind rather than to just make it up based on political statements by opponents of either the war, or Bush. As time goes along, evidence may surface showing events much different than we think we know them now....or do we know them now at all? Claims from both sides have clouded the facts, and only time will tell. To all you suppporters of a conspiracy theory, I say.....go get absolute proof. Not some web site or blog shit, but absolute proof, that cannot be denied. You will be RICH!!!! Think of how much money the Dems would pay for it!! Sell it to the prime-time media!! GET RICH QUICK!!! You think for a sec that everyone that would have been involved in a conspiracy of this magnitude would have or could have kept their mouths shut? THEY NEVER DO!! Hell, old Teddy Kennedy would give just about anything to get actual proof on Bush. So, at least look, read, listen, with an open mind, and stop making your minds up based on emotion. FACTS!! Irrefutable, undisputable facts with actual evidence, not politically driven, PROOF. Betcha can't do it.

Ok..so maybe he is right...the left and the right can not do it, we are all victims of our own pre-judgements, but let me say this...More often than not, the opinions of the left are based on illogical and irrational statements and "proof" .. whatever. This poster makes a REALLY good point, "Not some web site or blog shit, but absolute proof, that cannot be denied. You will be RICH!!!! Think of how much money the Dems would pay for it!! Sell it to the prime-time media!! GET RICH QUICK!!! You think for a sec that everyone that would have been involved in a conspiracy of this magnitude would have or could have kept their mouths shut? THEY NEVER DO!! "

That rings true true true. I smiled...I got probably the only moderate on Craigslist to respond.

But here we go..back to old Oil argument.

neither can the executive branch of the current administration find proof. But that's not the point, now is it? OIL. which is very hard to live w/o.
The travisty lies in the profiteering. Halliburton and Exxon have done very well. what do you tell an enlisted person when his armour is taken while he's wounded and he's forced to pay for it? what do you say when the hummer lacks armour plate? exxon neeeded the share increase. halliburton was trying to set a profit record?!!!

Ok, now this I dont understand, the war is about profiteering fom oil and Exxon posted record profits...lemme see here for a second. Gas prices were artificially inflated at LEAST 3 times that I can remember in the past year. The oil companies were crying that it was costing them MORE to produce gasoline, so that is why the price of gas went up....and yet...they post RECORD profits. To the right...1+1=2 .. to the left 1+1=whatever someone tells them its supposed to equal and they run with it....IE They dont use the brains God gave them to draw their own conclusion. BTW, this guy also tried to detract from the subject matter at hand by bringing up armor plating..which has been a non-issue for some time now.

But the fun continues...enter the tin-foil hat crowd:

Right, we should accept the Official Story of 9/11, just like we accepted the Magic Bullet Theory, the official explanation of the assassination of JFK? We all know that magic exists and that Lee Harvey Oswald was a wizard. We also know that 19 Arabs armed with plastic boxcutters hijacked 4 commercial jetliners with over one hundred people on them, flew them into the WTC, pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. Just don't think for yourself, don't read, don't pay attention to current affairs, do what you're told, beleive what they say! After all being a sheep isn't all that bad! You get to be lazy! Idiotic Lemmings - God

Ahem..no comment, the lunacy of that post speaks VOLUMES for itself.

Enter the moderate once again...he gives legitimacy to the tin-foil post by responding to it...something I do not do, because its useless arguin with the Roswell crowd.

I didn't say you had to accept it. Now go find the proof. You believe what you WANT to believe until the time that actual factual proof is brought forward. Then you will know for sure. Hell, even then there will be a huge percentage who won't believe it, even if they are strapped to chairs and force fed it. So, how do you recognize the truth? It is anything that is anti-gov't? Is it anything that is anti-Bush? Or is it anything anyone tells you other than what you want to hear? I suspect the actual truth is somewhere in there, but you all know and have to admit that a conspiracy is fun, and a lot easier to believe because it is sooooo cool...right? The actual truth is probably pretty simple and mundane. Ever read how Germany and Spain uncovered what went on there during the Al Queada meetings of the men who planned 9/11 and carried it out? Or do you just believe what posts you read here that are anti whatever you think they should be anti of? So, tell me, since you know more than every one else does. Where is the proof, and what is the truth? Details now, as I don't want conjecture or guessing. Oh yeah, did you ever read about old Billy Boy (blowjob) Clinton and Halliburton and all the contracts he gave them without bids? I suggest you go do it. No, I don't believe the gov't version, but I don't believe yours is any more feasible. Somewhere in between.

He does make a good challenge...he says "Now go find the truth" But this poster maintains that the truth of what happened 9/11 lies somewhere between what the government told us and what the tin-foil hat crowd would have us believe...but you know what? I am going to believe what I saw with my own eyes...3000 americans killed, People celebrating on the streets of Iraq, Pakistan and Syria. Osama Bin Laden proudly taking responsibility for it, and a mural in Southern Iraw showing a smiling Sadaam Hussein next to a depiction of the WTC burning.

1+1=2 Quite simple in my mind really.

Noone else has responded and my entertainment with the moonbats has drawn to a close for this week.

Anyone else want to offer analysis? Rebuttal? Maybe their own version of what happened?


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