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Monday, January 30, 2006

Rally Report

It was a successful weekend for me, the rally on Saturday at the gates of Davis Monthan was a resounding success.

We had a total of 17 people there by the time we wrapped things up, and 2 weeks from now promises to be even better.

I wont get into the specifics of the day, except to say that the ratio of cheers for us to jeers to us was about 1000 to 1, with 1 dissenter for every 1000 supporters.

I took some pictures, but unfortunately, all I had available was my camera phone, so they are low quality, but you get the idea.

The first people that I met were the Lucero family they were the most significant people I met this day, and the reason will be made clear shortly

The is Mr Lucero Jr, he served in the United States Army proudly.

This is Mr Lucero SR, he served VOLUNTARILY In the United States Marine Corps, for 3 tours in Vietnam, he didnt need to be punked into service by being drafted, he proudly stood up and volunteered, not once, not twice, but 3 TIMES.

These are the younger Luceros, names witheld.

The reason these people stuck out so vividly for me and the rest of the people there is that they lost a son in 2004 in Iraq who served in the family tradition of the military, their son was Joshua Lucero. He was killed in 2004 in action in Iraq, did they let that deter them from proudly standing up for their country...??...?? NO...they stood proudly to proclaim, FREEDOM ISNT FREE and the only way to insure freedom is to fight. They gave me a button memoralising their son who died an american hero

The next people I met were Pat

And her husband Bob

Pat is a MASTER at organising and getting people together for events, some of her notable actions are the Wednesday morning protests at the recruiting center on Speedway and the every 4th Monday morning protest of depleted uranium at Davis Monthan. She was successful in getting a majority of the people present on Saturday morning. Pat is originally from Guadalajara (I Hope that is right) and became a naturalised citizen in the United States using LEGAL channels. Everything about her and her husband exuded patriotism, right down to her backpack musical package of patriotic songs which loudly plays to urge her and her fellow patriots on.

The highlight of the day was a visit from 2 air force pilots from the Netherlands. They are visiting and training at Davis Monthan with 4 others from their country in the F-16. They talked to Pat and Myself and let us know that back in the Netherlands, they do not see the type of patriotic support that we show here in the United States. They were very much impressed that we were taking time from our own lives to say thank you to the brave men and woman of our armed forces, and they gathered us together for a group picture which they are going to email back home with a report to a dutch magazine for possible publication. They graciously posed for a picture

There were many more people who stopped and took the time to thank us, both military and non-military, Gold star parents and others. The biggest charcter we had there though was Wayne, from American protest He was very vocal and is a proud american, he was a pleasure to have with us.

On a parting note there is another family who will be most likely joining us for our next rally on Feb 11. They are the Zurheide family. The also lost a son in Iraq

Once I get their story I will post it.

All in all it was a proud day to be an american, supporting our troops, reinforcing our message that the american people are behind our military, our president and those who work with us in this process.

God Bless America


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome! What's the Feb 11th assignment? Is this is Tucson as well? Send me info!

30 January, 2006 09:22  
Anonymous Wayne said...

I had a great time supporting America with everyone and meeting liberalismisamentaldisorder. If only supercalifralisticespealidocious could have also been there! Great report!

30 January, 2006 10:21  
Anonymous Scott B said...

Ah, images fixed. Very nice and congrats on the succcessful Satuarday!!

02 February, 2006 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I laugh at the people who would rather have young people go to war and die for damn reason at all and then call the liberals, the ones who have a voice and wants a change whinners. yeah I guess we are. lol We will bitch and moan until the shit is right. I dont care for Bush as a president nor do I care for him as a ordinary person. I think he is full of shit and needs to take his shit somewhere else. We are in debt because of him. 2.1 or 2.5 trillion and counting in debt with him alone being in office, because of this war. And where is this money coming from to pay for this shit? you tell me. lol That money could be used to build new schools for these children living and going to these poorly fit schools that doesnt give quality education. It burns my soul when I see children who dont get a good education and you wonder why some of these kids drop out. Counting down the days until he is out. lol

Seeing this website really opened my eyes to the many different people out there.

08 February, 2006 13:49  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

well anonymous, I certainly thank you for coming by and giving us your insightful opinion on the merits of your argument based solely on the s word. Thanks for showing us that ignorance is achieved through the use of profanity when no other reasonable argument can be made.

When you are ready to be an adult and have a grown up debate, please feel free to come back and play.

09 February, 2006 08:28  

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