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Friday, January 06, 2006


It is rare that an event infuriates me, but I am so spitting mad about this ... Letters are being prepared and the outrage will be heard:


By Aaron Erickson
Two good samaritans on dirt bikes found Bullet the dog the day after Christmas in the Redington Pass area. Bullet was full of-- bullets. He was rushed to an emergency vet and now he's recovering at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Initially, deputies arrested the dog's owner, Justin Curren and charged him with felony animal cruelty. When Curren showed up in court, the judge dismissed the charge because investigators didn't have enough evidence. Curren can still be charged once investigators return with more evidence. Authorities believe another person may have been involved in the shooting, since it appears bullet was shot with two different guns. Despite his recovery, the dog still has several bullets and fragments inside him. A cardiac condition, possibly created from a severe loss of blood, is preventing vets from removing the rest of the bullets and fragments.


Ok first of all, this is outrageous...as a dog owner I am infuriated and sickened by the act in and of itself, and as a citizen seeing this guy go free, I am INCENCSED that the justice system can not seem to find its footing. Not enough evidence!!?? THEN WHAT THE F**K DID THEY ARREST HIM FOR?? If there isnt enough evidence...WHY BOTHER??

As another point, I notice that bloggers have been up in arms because some squirrel is threatened with being booted or some plant life is being harmed by oil drilling or bears are drowning, but these same bloggers are silent when it comes to this dispicable and heinous act....know what I think? There is no freaking way their liberal pansy asses can blame President Bush for this incident, so its not important

and THAT my friends is the hypocrisy which leads to further proof that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER


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