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Thursday, January 05, 2006

One marine says it all

One Marines View speaks volumes on our progress in Iraq

It’s a nice day today a bit brisk but nice after I have my Pop Tart and Cigar breakfast I read about how some article is boasting about how the support for President Bush and the fight in Iraq is dropping from troops. This is a pretty good article……………..a good article to poop ON! Give me a break, the democrat that wrote this article that based it off a Military Times Poll is another example how desperate the Dumboscabs are and how weak their attempts are to bruise the Boss. The article even disproves itself when it states, the survey was conducted through the mail, which affects the sample and margin of error. (Obviously they have never shipped anything to support the troops overseas) “Moreover, as the Military Times noted, respondents to the poll tend to be "older, more experienced, more likely to be officers and more career-oriented than the military population." For all those future article writers out there, know that there are almost three times the amount of enlisted service members in all branches than officers, you do the math. Another point, they are saying troops back in the states are stating that “The poll also found diminished optimism that U.S. goals in Iraq can be accomplished’ Well another note to future article writers………..get your facts from the ones doing the work on the ground, actually seeing the results…….bright one!

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