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Friday, April 21, 2006

Roundup time

Lets see what others are saying this week:

Earthquake in Russia from Speed of Thought

May Day has been cancelled according to Raven at Flight Pundit..this is good news indeed

Raven has this to say about Child Porn on her blog And Rightly So!

Today is AirborneVets birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID!

Expose the left has some information on the "Christians" who protest funerals

Stop The ACLU Reports on the failure of the communists to stop a group of patriots called the Minutemen

The Independant Conservative blows chunks in the face of you Red diaper doper babies who blame free trade on Bush....You people have memory problems.

Flopping Aces reports on more facts surfacing that Sadaam paid terrorists. Yep...No connection between Hussein and the WOT. Hold on to your moonbat hats .. the proof as they say is in the pudding

Tammy Bruce reports on Germany and finally opening some holocaust records up. But it doesnt make sense...the holocaust never happened...right moonbats?

Just for fun lets take a peek at the left:

The .. ahem .. "Fighting Liberal" .. Decides he has nothing intelligent to say and resorts to name calling (Big Surprise..NOT) to make a point. Me thinks he pontificates with his head up his collective arse

I poked some truth into the "Bush Whacked Administrations blog" and they seem really offended I would actually question their reporting. I responded to his question, but he moderated it out of existence...isnt that nice? Especially when I did it in a respectful manner.

Enough of that drivel, back to the truth:

One of my favorite blogger, 90 degrees The Right Angle, has some information on the hypocrisy of NOT calling Illegals what they are..CRIMINALS

Say no to PCBS has some Friday funnies :) Very amusing

And of course, newsbusters.org is always a good read :)

And last but certainly not least, Mikes America reports on Global Warming. I am shocked...ahem...not.

I wonder when Nick is going to answer back on my response to him

Ah well, Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, my birthday was yesterday- April 20th- but thanks for the wishes. :-)

Just remember- my birthday is on Hitler's birthday, the columbine HS shooting adn the day after WACO and OK City. Isn't that fun?

21 April, 2006 11:47  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Heh.....I could have some fun with that, but I will take the high road :D

21 April, 2006 12:19  

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