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Friday, August 25, 2006

So..just to get restarted here.....

Lets see what others are saying:

The Universe and Other things talks about Pluto going bye bye as a planet (normally this stuff doesnt interest me, but darnit, I had the 9 planets drilled into my head!)

Flight Pundit talks about Islam..and hajii...and..well check it out

Still dont think the democrats are into something? Check out flopping aces to de-bunk that theory. As a side note here....TO HELL WITH THE LIBERALS

Tammy Bruce tells us about a Marine Mom who is fed up....follow Tammys advice and read the whole email

The Independant Conservative talks about the "Religion of Peace" and their attacks on Christianity, me thinks you can put Islam and the ACLU on the same level.

God its good to be blogging again (I am home sick today)

Dont believe me that the ACLU is after Christianity? Check THIS out

According to Say No to Politically Correct BullShit and Google, Cindy Shamehan has ugly tits..couldnt agree more. (offended? GOOD!)

Generationr talks about the hypocrisy of Democrats and Liberals....is it any wonder libs are laughed at and ridiculed?

Question: How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: None, they would rather sit around complaining how its Bushs fault the light went out in the first place. Think about it.

And speaking of liberals, lets see what the loons on the left are saying:

Daniel shows his colors as someone who doesnt give a rats ass about america by calling for Sheriff Arpaio of Mariposa County to be beaten in the upcoming elections. Seriously folks....anyone who doesnt take border control seriously needs to be given a free ticket to move somewhere else (Say .. France) because they just dont care about America.

Perhaps I have been away from blogging too long, that article from Daniel really made me sick to my stomach....I am done reading their blogs.

The Chickenhawk Express talks about the blogospheres eagle eye on the media, interesting stuff

The CI report talks about apologies from Congress....Think Murtha might do the right thing? How about Kerry? NAH...it'll never happen. My hat is off Rep Kline for doing the right thing.

And this, from Assorted Babble, just made me double over in hysterical laughter

Ok, I am off to bed now. I am working on some stuff, so stay tuned, if I get to feeling better later on I will work on it and hopefully have it posted today.

ANd what edition of lets see what others are saying is not complete without the parting shot....SCREW YOU LIBERAL MOONBAT RED DIAPER DOPER BABY ASSHATS


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