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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Showing love in Bisbee

A crisp clean clear morning began as I fired up my vehicle and set out for the 90 mile (I thought it was 120) trip to the lil town of Bisbee, Az to meet with my host AIRBORNEVET for an impromptu (but not unplanned) event which gave us he opportunity to support the men and woman of Ft Huachuca.

For those who have never been, Bisbee is an interesting little town not far from the Arizona/Mexico border. Originally a mining town it has evolved into a quiet little berg which has become a haven for Southern Arizonas liberals. Home of the Copper Queen mine, hotel and library, it sits nestled in the hills of a mountain with rolling streets and plenty of stairs. The town, despite its liberal inhabitants, has a charm which is all its own.

Arriving at 0800 I was greeted by my host and her husband on the street where we unloaded my vehicle of signs and flags that I had brought with me. Walking a short distance to their house, her husband and myself began quickly decorating the yard.

The mission for the day was a simple one, see the stairs? Up these stairs were to come the 1000+ participants of the Bisbee 1000 stair climb, an annual event which challenges people to, according to their website, This event is meant to encourage physical fitness regardless of age, level of fitness, ability and available time. The proceeds are used to maintain and repair the stairs in Old Bisbee.

The Bisbee1000 event requires you to use any combination of walking, running and resting to traverse nine sets of steps and numerous back-roads at a mile-high altitude. While traversing over 1,000 steps you will be serenaded by musicians playing at strategic points along the route. Participants can compete aggressively for overall and age group prizes, enjoy a challenging fitness walk or family stroll or any combination thereof.

Needless to say, this is a challenge. After decorating, I took a few minutes to admire our handiwork:

Satisfied, we went into their house. Walking in I was overcome with just how charming this particular house was, walking into the kitchen I was greeted with a view of the entire town, including being able to look into the town square where all the participants were gathering and milling about. (you should know at this point that blogger and my computer are giving me fits, I am ready to throw my keyboard out the window, check back in a bit for more pictures)

AirborneVet and her husband were the consumate hosts, seeing to my needs and making sure that I had coffee and whatchamacallits (Our word for Croissants) After chowing down and meeting the cats and their newborn son we went down to the start line with myself carrying a new american flag and her carrying a sign reminding us to remember our heros and her husband carrying the baby. Going down the stairs ( I forget how many...I think she said 90) we worked our way into the crowd. Standing on a bench overlooking the main thoroughfare, we raised our sign and flag and immediately drew interest from people. Lots of thumbs ups (Obviously from out of towners) and wwe moved closer to the start line to locate the troops from Ft Huachuca. Seeing them we made our way up to them and shook their hands, each and every one, thanked them for their service, and let them we were there to cheer them on.

We waited for the starters gun and after everyone was on their way, we quickly made our way back up to her house. Going up the stairs, I was incredulous that people would actually RACE and push their endurance to get up these stairs, along with the other 990 in town. We took a seat in her yard and waited for the runners. It wasnt a long wait.

The first of the runners made their way past the yard with us cheering and clapping them on. About 20 or 30 participants, the first of the Army crew arrived with a OOORAHH from us and high fives as they passed. The first sergeant passed and AirborneVet was quick to give him a hard time about his troops being so far ahead. Next was one of his troops, about 10 or so back and we kidded him about the DI waiting around the corner. We were having a good time, and people were being joking about us hanging out, drinking coffee as they ran and pushed their endurance, with several people commenting that they loved our signs and my shirt (I was wearing my black INFIDEL shirt.) WHEN.........

A girl who looked about 16 comes up the stairs wearing a shirt that said, "IMPEACH BUSH" She SCOWLED at us as she ran by, saying support the troops by bringing them home...she kept going..typical...I understand she is in a race, but come on...dont expect us to be quiet or not argue back....she was quickly around the corner and I turned to AirborneVet and we had a quick discussion on the fact that she probably had no idea why. But that is conjecture..right?

We cheered, we clapped, we encouraged, we smiled, and we had a good time. Next year, it will be the same thing, I am headed down there to support the troops regardless if anyone else joins me.

As the number of people thinned out we had a chance, the 3 of us to talk, and Vets husband mentioned a race in France and began to explain the setup of their finish line...I interrupted and said, "Yeah, let me guess, they run AWAY from the finish line instead of toward it?

All in all a good time. Like I said before, check back in a bit for one more picture that I havent been able to post due to blogger giving me fits.

God bless America, God Bless Our Troops


Anonymous Scott B said...

Nicely done. I thank you.

Way to go!!!

21 October, 2006 15:33  

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