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Thursday, January 04, 2007

From Flight Pundit:

Illegals Entitled to SS Benefits: Ours, Not Theirs

An agreement the Bush administration reached with Mexico on Social Security benefits would allow illegal aliens granted amnesty in the future to claim credit for the time they worked illegally.

As Raven said...WTF IS THIS CRAP? (Paraphrase) Go read the rest on the blog

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Blogger Mike's America said...

Well if they get enough outraged Seniors objecting to this immense new drag on the solvency of S.S. even the Democrats will vote it down.

No wonder Mexico is flouting our requests to control the flow of illegals. We make it way too easy for those that do come here to get hooked up to the socialist gravy train and much of that money goes right back to Mexico.

Not much impetus for Mexico to change and serve the needs of it's people if Uncle Sam can be connived into subsidizing economic/social failure.

05 January, 2007 09:31  
Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Check out the little ditty on my blog today. I'm peeved at the very least.

05 January, 2007 11:58  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Mike - You said it brudder

Jenn - yeah, I would say you are just a "Tad" peeved :D

05 January, 2007 16:12  

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