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Monday, January 29, 2007

Lets see what others are saying

First and foremost, let me catch up on what others are saying...here we go

Airborne Vet chimes in on moonbattery. Good post!

From the Radio Equaliser, failure from the liberal mecca of the world, Santa Cruz, CA

From the Independant Conservative, Barack Vs Jesus

Flopping Aces chimes in on the recent moonbat mania in the nations Capitol

From The Absurd Report, our political quote of the day, “Corruption is no stranger to Washington; it is a famous resident.” —Walter Goodman ... Heh, so true

From Old War Dogs, We Wont forget Jane

From Big Dogs Weblog, Child abuse at a war protest. Sad...really sad

Raven at And Rightly So! has her own linky love

The bookworm room has poetry in motion, classic stuff :)

The ex-donkey blog has a post on Patriotic Terrorists...lol

The Junkyard blog talks about the "new anti-semitism" in the bay area. The bay area has always been wrought full of anti-semites, nothing new here.

Cold Fury talks about pre-emptive surrender. WARNING: Graphic language in his post

From Mikes America, Sneak Attack on U.S. Forces in Karbala Iraq an Iranian Operation? Interesting read, he ends it right though..."We honor you Jacob Fritz. Your sacrifice shall not be in vain!"

The American Dinosaur has resources and information on how you can do your part to support our troops.

Sweetness and light reports on Ayatollah John Kerrys full support of nuclear technology for Iran. What a traitor.

American and Proud...he started my day out with a laugh.

Mackers world reports on protestors defacing the capitol.

And..bringing up the rear as usual, my favorite read, Freedom Folks, reports on Sherriff Joe Arpaio and how local communities are doing what Washington wont...enforce our borders.




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