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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Americanprotest.net hits the nail on the head again

Wayne over at Americanprotest.net has another great article:

Pelosi Protest Proper Procedure

by Wayne Boettcher
Posted: 05/18/2007

In Iraq, our troops are often successful in military and construction operations. However, mainstream news media rarely report good news from the war front. For instance, recently Marine Colonel Richard Simcock told reporters that progress in Fallujah is phenomenal, explaining that although the 2004 Operation al-Fajr almost destroyed the city with nearly all the residents being captured or killed, Fallujah today has almost 4,000 residents. Fallujah today is an economically strong and flourishing city. But this sort of news never reaches the USA through newspapers and mainstream TV news.

Politicians take advantage of the lack of information to declare our troops are losing and we should pull out of Iraq immediately. Giving no viable alternate plan, it is believed by most that these elected officials know that should we surrender to terrorism, Iraq would soon fall to terrorist nations. This would not only cause America's interests in the Middle East to suffer greatly, but our allies would be devastated and many innocents killed. Yet "surrender" bills continue to flow out of Congress for political purposes.

Recently some American citizens decided to do something about it. Led by Move America Forward, activists inundated the offices of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with demonstrations. The patriotic protesters had many clever signs such as "Surrender Is Not An Option" but that's not all they had. Real monkeys dressed in berets and waving white flags were also there to drive home the point that Congressional defeatists are "cheese eating surrender monkeys."

Even cynical reporters couldn't resist the cute monkeys! With over a hundred showing up in San Francisco, passersby stopped to read the signs and see what was going on. There were also large rallies in Carson City and Las Vegas, no doubt causing the pusillanimous politicians to reel with shock at being confronted on the issues. How did it come to pass that so many elected officials (of our own country) promote defeat and cowardice, anyway? They are mostly Democrats but some Republicans also advocate surrender. A strange mystery.

There are many ways to fight them. First write, write and continue to write. Every time politicians send a smarmy letter back, refute it. It can be just a few lines: "You still haven't convinced me. Don't vote for bill HR XXXX, please." Write letters to the editor, call in to talk shows, get together with neighbors and have protests like the one mentioned in this column. Join in with campaigns like Grassroots.org and others. Move America Forward also has a TV commercial against Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's policies which needs donations. These are the ways we must protest. This is the proper procedure.

Liberal news media is at the forefront of the problem. In spite of blogs, talk radio, internet news and Fox News, many people in America still don't know the facts concerning what's happening in the world around them. Furthermore, entertainment media such as TV shows and movies constantly propagandize the population with left wing ideology. Recently the Marxist regime Venezuela announced it would finance two movies by Danny Glover, as if Hollywood doesn't already have enough left wing propaganda!

Liberals have a tremendous advantage in the propaganda war. Does that mean we should just give up, too? No! That's just what they're expecting us to do, because that's what they would do in the same situation. America can return again to the values and ideals of Liberty we have had in the past. But it takes hard work, time and patriotic values. We must not think only of ourselves but our country's future. History has reached a convergence point where we the citizens must choose: sink into a liberal morass of Socialist disasters, or stand up for Freedom and America!

Wayne Boettcher is the head of AmericanProtest.net



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Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Mayhaps we should rename the MSM? Perhaps....Lamestream Media? Leftard Propaganda Tool? I dunno, it's early, and monday I don't do too well on that.

21 May, 2007 10:50  

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