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Friday, October 12, 2007

This is kind of old...but

I found this on the freedomfolks website, its from 8/7 but it highlights something which is a thorn in my side, that is the INTOLERANCE of the left in this country.

In addition to this incident in Chicago, our own group ran into a violent encounter with the left which left a mother injured by a coward of a man who knocked her to the ground, took her camera and went running like a coward down the street with it. He was soon caught up to by 2 military recruiters, but not before he was able to smash the camera to bits. The recruiters did their civic duty and held the coward for police who arrested and charged the man with assault and other charges. Turns out the man is a professor at the U of A.

Before this, one of our numbers was attacked at a World Cant Wait rally in the U of A mall, had his sign damaged, was pushed and hit and his attacker ended up being arrested and charged.

The "peaceful" left is not the peaceful left. They are a bunch of socialist scum who are anti-american, anti-patriotism and anti-anything good and decent.

With further ado, here is the vid:

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