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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey Lowes .. EFF YOU

From Stop the ACLU:

In a further erosion of our American traditions and holidays, Lowe’s Hardware stores has decided that they aren’t in the business of selling Christmas trees anymore. They have decided, instead, that the big seller for 2007 will be the erstwhile “Family Tree” — that Christmas thingie being so gauche and offensive and all, you see. In fact, in their 2007 holiday catalog, Lowes uses the word Christmas a grand total of two times. And on their website, the tree listings all avoid the word in their descriptions.

It is time to stop this, America.

Christmas has been under assault for the better part of a decade, now, and obviously with this Lowe’s decision to avoid the word Christmas altogether, as well as renaming their Christmas trees, “Family Trees” we can see that the holiday season for 2007 will serve us no respite from that assault on our American traditions.

For its part, Lowe’s is claiming that the original printing of the “Family tree” catalog was a mistake. They told the American Family Association the following:

Randy, Thanks for taking my call this morning. Let me reiterate my apology that we had an advertising error that created a stir. Here’s a statement that we’d appreciate your posting on your web site, if possible:

Lowe’s has contacted the AFA and assures us that it is proudly committed to selling Christmas trees this year, as it has done for more than 60 years. The company apologized for the confusion created in its 2007 holiday catalog when it headlined the page of Christmas trees “family trees.” The error was not caught before the publication was distributed, and Lowe’s says it is disappointed in the breakdown in its proofing process.

Lowe’s assures us that they refer to trees as Christmas trees in this season’s television and magazine ads and in its advertising flyers. The company says it is redoubling its efforts to proof its catalogs in the future to prevent this issue from recurring.

We appreciate Lowe’s for listening to its customers and responding appropriately to our concerns.


Ok...this is OUT FLIPPING RAGEOUS and straight up BULL PUCKEY, Lowes is doing a 2 step which quite frankly has landed them on my NOT TO SHOP AT list. I ask that everyone join me, and boycott Lowes until they put Christmas back into their stores, website and print media.

Meanwhile, send them an email of your displeasure to their customer service.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Update 5:59 PM AZ time 11/15/07

I received the following email in response to my complaint to Lowes customer service:

Dear Lowe's Customer:

Thank you for contacting Lowe's.

You may already be aware that Lowe's has apologized for the advertising
error in our holiday catalog. We understand the confusion created
when we headlined the page of Christmas trees "family trees." The error
was not caught before the publication was distributed and we are
disappointed in the breakdown in our own creative process.

Lowe's is committed to selling Christmas trees, as we have done for
more than 60 years. And, we refer to the trees as Christmas trees in all
television and magazine ads and in Lowe's advertising flyers.

We will redouble our efforts to proof our catalogs in the future to
prevent this issue from recurring. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

Lowe's Customer Care

Sounds like lip service to me, there are 2 ways this story is being explained, and if you ask me, they are back pedaling, and that makes me mad.

If they truly were the victims of bad proofing, they would have recalled the advertisements and sent new ones out. Further, if it was not on purpose that this happened, they would be announcing that those responsible would have appropriate action taken against them.

Something stinks, and I am not so convinced at this point that this will never happen again, nor am I convinced that it truly was an honest mistake. So for now, my call for a boycott stands.

Merry Christmas Lowes

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