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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lets see what others are saying

What a week! The Iowa caucus happened, and you know what? It doesn't mean anything. Its just begun folks. Officially, I am throwing my endorsement behind Fred Thompson.

So here we go with this weeks linky love:

Lets start off with warm and fuzzy. Michael over at Flight Pundit has a story of a miraculous landing by a pilot who lost a propellor in mid-flight and made it safely back to the airport. Good job by the pilot!

Jenn over at Bitch Slapping Liberals has a caption request for a picture, go join in the fun.

Sweetness and Light has a piece about Shrillary Clinton
and some far fetched claims. If you support Shrillary...tell me why...please, I want to know.

American and Proud has a piece about a british blogger who faces jail time for telling the truth. This piece enrages me to no end.

The American Dinosaur has some information on where the Presidential candidates stand on the 2nd amendment. Interesting stuff, thanks for the info!

Mikes America breaks down the results in Iowa. Interesting reading.

The Bookworm Room speaks to the law of unintended consequences regarding the mandatory phase out of incandescent bulbs by 2012. I think this is going to go the way of MTBE...anyone remember that fiasco? Socialists are pushing their agenda on us folks...I wonder if Al Gore holds stakes in either light bulbs or mercury?

From the Abusurd Report, the politcal quote of the day: "There’s been a lot of hand-wringing over the spectacle of presidential candidates campaigning during the Christmas season thanks to the front-loaded primary schedule. But I like it. It provides a nice reminder of how unimportant politics really are… In short, the grandeur of the season diminishes all of the candidates because it reminds us of the smallness of their trade.” —Jonah Goldberg INDEED

Just for fun, you want to see a lunatic moonbat in action? Check out meathead, he claims to be "thinking meat" but is instead another socialist hate monger who trolls other blogs to try and drum up hits on his page. Go over and have some fun with this angry Bush hater.

Curt over at Flopping Aces has reaction from the NH debate and Fred Thoms
pon. He follows up with a summary cartoon on the Democrat side...lol

Jay over at Stop the ACLU has a piece on The True Conservative Choice
. I am still asking the question....where in the hell did Huckabee come from? At the last minute the MSM started giving him major props...could it be because he is a liberal Republican who .. if he wins the nomination .. will be soundly defeated by a dhimmicrap? Think about that and let it sink in.

The Conservative Intelligence Report has commentary on General Petraeus
. Good stuff!

From the Blue Collar Republican, the GOP has dropped FOX news. Interesting that Fox is doing this, they rode to a high popularity by being a conservative choice news outlet, now they are cowtowing (SP?) to the liberal agenda. FOX is forgetting its roots, and that will be its demise unless they hitch their pants up and get to work.

No word since just after Christmas from the Sheepdogs Blog. Hope he is ok!

Also no update from Jenns Journey as a Conservative lately either.

Flanders Fields has an interesting and informative post which I like to call, Globalism for Dummies. He lays it out with the aid of another site plain and simple.

Reformed Chicks Blabbing has an interesting video from a Frank Lutz focus group regarding Clinton Vs Obama. I think the people there hit the nail on the head regarding Shrillary in every possible way. Take a look, and tell me your opinion.

A Cool Change has a heart warming story of a 91-year old man and his dog Buddy. Choked me up, go read it.

From Hollys Fight for Justice, we have a story of a retrial that is likely to happen. THANK GOD. The judge in the original trial banned the word "rape" which is boopkiss. Call it what it is for goodness sakes. BTW, if you or anyone you know is the victim of a violent crime or sexual assault, I STRONGLY recommend this site!

From Psycmeisters Ice Palace, Fred Thompson was the victim of false rumors started by the Mitt Romney campaign. The very valid question is asked, "Why the dirty tricks, Mitt? Are you afraid of running on the substance of your convictions and ideas?"

Stuck on Stupid has a poll up, go VOTE!

Caos blog has an update from Move America Forward and some pics on her blog ... Lets pray for them! Interesting that the meathead never posts on the good stuff in her blog, only arguing her other posts...could it be that the moonbat is anti-america? NAH.

And last but certainly not the least, we have Freedom Folks! Its been a slow week somewhat at their blog, so mosey over and peruse the articles.

So that is it, its what others are saying. What can you say? Lets get behind Fred Thompson and rally him to victory shall we?




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