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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leftist again shows the true colors of liberal theology, rejoices in the pain of others

Anyone who has been on the conservative blogosphere for any amount of time has probably read or ran across Kender.

It is known to everyone who reads his blogs that he has a herditary kidney problem that he has been dealing with all his life. STOP the ACLU has an extensive post on the matter.

So here is someone asking for much needed help and in a moment of desperation and darkness posted something which was dark and disturbing. We have ALL had these moments in our lives, sometime when we feel desperate, alone and have no options. Some people express these feelings publicly, some keep them private. The ones that keep them private are usually the ones who succeed in doing something drastic about them, such as suicide. Kender received much needed encouragement and support when he posted this, and in a moment of clarity, took his post down and properly asked for help in a post directed to HIS FRIENDS.

Ok. That is fair to ask for help, we all need it once in a while, and Kender is no exception. Our thoughts, prayers and hearts go out to him.

And along comes the hypocrite, MEATHEAD. Who gleefully is rejoicing in Kenders pain and hard times.

"It seems clear now that Kender’s “Final Post” was merely a clumsy attempt to drum up sympathy, prior to a pathetically overt plea for money.

And sadly, some folks will no doubt fall for this transparent ploy."

Yes, by all means, go and give your hard-earned money to a racist lying coward. Certainly this miserable failure that calls itself Kender has no talent for earning its own living."

Wait a minute.

Isnt the left supposed to be the "compassionate ones"?

The ones who actually care about the less fortunate and downtrodden? The ones who accuse conservatives of having no heart and not caring about people? The ones who accuse conservatives of being selfish?

And aren't conservatives the ones who have said for a long time that liberals are afraid to look in the mirror because liberals are the ones who are projecting themselves onto conservatives?

And if you think its an isolated incident, join me in viewing one of his commenters, a fellow leftist libtard who calls himself billy joe:

"Heh. Even his ‘final’ post insulted his critics :-)

And now he’s homeless? How could that be in Republican America, when the economy is so great…"

Do we really need any more proof that liberals are just a bunch of self centered, hypocritical buffoons?

Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. Meathead is the prime example of this.

I am sure meathead will comment saying something to justify his actions. But, he will be a lone voice in the wildnerness.

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