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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

LIAMD Reccomended voting


Ok, so here we go, my recommendations on voting and why:

President: John McCain
Why: He is just the better of the 2 candidates, Barack Hussein Obama is a liar and a socialist.


US Representative in Congress District 7
Joseph Sweeney (R)
Why: Raul Grijalva, the democrat running has proven that he is pro-illegal immigrant.

State Sentaor District 25: Mary Ann Black (R)
Why: Manny Alvarez (D) has proven that he is pro-illegal immigrant

State Representative District 25: Timathy Davies (R)
Why: His statements best represent the interests of this district.

Corporation Commissioner:
1. Bob Stump (R)
2. Barry Wong (R)
3. Marian McClure (R)
Why: I just can not vote a democrat into this position...sorry

Ballot initiatives:

Proposition 100:
The "No New Home Tax" initiative will amend the Arizona constitution to prohibit the state and any local government from charging any new tax on the sale or transfer of any real property in Arizona.

Vote: NO - California enacted Prop 13 in the 70's which was similar in scope. It killed public services. This includes school busses, police, fire and lots of other services.

Proposition 101:
The "Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act" is a constitutional amendment that claims to preserve and protect the right of individuals to choose their health care and health insurance, or to opt for no insurance at all. It would permanently bar universal healthcare or single payer plans in Arizona. This plan would preserve the status quo under which more than one million Arizonans have no health coverage.

Vote: NO - This is a push for socialised health care, sorry, I can not support it

Proposition 102:
This is a proposal referred by the legislature to amend Arizona's constitution to state that only the union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Arizona.

Vote: YES - Preserve traditional family values

Proposition 105:
Proposition 105 would amend the Arizona Constitution to stipulate that citizen initiatives that either increase state revenues or obligate any spending by anyone (state, local, private individual) could not be enacted through a simple majority vote. Instead, such measures would pass only if they were approved by a majority of all registered voters. Voters who don't vote would be counted as NO votes even if they favored an initiative.

Vote: YES - The senate and house need 2/3 majority for new taxes, so should the people. I was all for this after the approval of the ballot initiative placing a new tax on cigarettes in Arizona, especially since it passed with only 54%

Proposition 200:
This measure would allow the payday lending industry to continue to operate in Arizona after 2010 when its ten-year exemption from Arizona's 36 percent interest rate limit ends. Passage of this proposition will ensure the continuation of predatory lending by pay day loan companies.

Vote: YES - Let the free market decide who wins and who loses

Proposition 201:
The Homeowners' Bill of Rights initiative would provide a variety of legal remedies and rights to purchasers of new homes including a ten-year warranty on new home workmanship and materials; giving homeowners the right to demand compensation or correction of construction defects; removing the threat of homeowners being charged for builders' attorneys' fees if they lose a court action; requiring that all features and equipment shown in model homes be included as standard in purchased homes; and protecting buyers from deceptive mortgage practices. The measure also gives homebuyers additional rights, such as the right to choose among three contractors with complaint-free records to fix any repairs that might be needed in the home. Currently, the builder chooses who makes the repairs for the home. This measure extends the statute of limitations for bringing a court action from eight years to ten.

Vote: NO - This proposal could make private sales of homes become a litigation minefield. If you sell your home and do not know there is a problem with it (Honestly) then you could be held liable YEARS down the road for it.

Prop 202:
The "Stop Illegal Hiring Act" is an initiative designed to modify Arizona's employer sanctions Law that revokes a business license the second time an employer is found to have knowingly and intentionally hired an undocumented worker. The measure bars anonymous complaints against employers. Employers' use of the federal "E-Verify" system to check a potential employee's legal status would shift from mandatory to voluntary.


Prop 300:
The Commission on Salaries for Elective State Offices has recommended unanimously that legislators' salaries be raised to $30,000. The commission is bi-partisan, authorized by the state Constitution, and is charged with recommending pay levels "appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the respective offices and positions subject to review." There has been no change in legislators' pay for ten years. Recommendations for a larger raise, to $36,000, were on the ballot in 2002, 2004, and 2006 but did not pass. Legislative sessions frequently last five to six months during which senators and representatives work long hours. In addition, nearly every year the legislature is called back for special sessions.

Vote: YES - Its time they get a raise, then we hit em for more oversight. Give and take.


The text of these propositions were taken from the website informed Arizona which makes claim that its NON PARTISAN - However, look at the wording and tell me there is no bias there. Regardless, it was the only place to easily get the information I needed.

Go vote Nov 4...your children are depending on you



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prop 202 VOTE NO, NO & HELL NO!
This is a scam !!! It will un do the Employer Sanction bill now in place!!

Arizona has one of the best laws on the books in regards to stopping illegal hiring and now we have BIG BUSINESS (Look at who backs it! The biggest employers of ILLEGAL ALIENS!) trying to deceive everyone so they can write
their own law?
(If passed every case will be unenforceable,and or thrown out of court, you can't fine, that is illegal)
They tried 4 times in court to shut down the current law and LOST, so now they try this!!!

We are joining other Arizonans in an Opposition Campaign to defeat Prop 202 this November 4th in the General Election.

Vote NO on Prop 202

It’s not what they say it is!

May God Protect ALL our innocent children and our boots on the ground who are truly in the line of fire from all terrorist !

United we stand, divided we will lose it all!

28 October, 2008 17:34  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Thank you anonymous for the passioned argument...I am glad I posted this, I am going back and re-thinking my stance because you make some good points which I want to research

29 October, 2008 07:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

29 October, 2008 09:57  
Blogger Goldwater said...

Thanks for your great blog . . . but please do your research on Prop 105. The conservative position (actually the American position) is to Vote No on 105. The only thing this does is change the rules so that we count people who don't vote, and assign their votes to them. It kills ALL future initiatives--which is the only tool we have to keep the legislature in check. The iniative process allows citizens to override anything the legislature does. Visit http://azredrock.blogspot.com/ for more.


29 October, 2008 10:15  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Goldwater - Thank you for your comment, I stand by my position however. The proposition applies to tax increases

Thanks for the compliments!

29 October, 2008 10:39  
Blogger NOprop200 said...

Thank you for coming out against 200 and exposing it for the deceptive ballot measure that it is.

You’re right – payday lending is a perversion of our free market system. Their business model is designed to create a false sense of demand and trap people into loans they will never be able to pay off.

The subprime mortgage fiasco showed us what happens to people, communities, and our entire economy when people get in over their heads with loans they have no way of ever repaying.

The only people payday loans help are the payday lenders, many of whom are based out-of-state. That means that a good portion of the millions of dollars Arizonans sink into payday loan interest payments and fees every year is flowing out-of-state and not being reinvested here at home.

If we don’t vote no on 200, the payday lending industry in Arizona will be allowed to go on handing out reckless 391% interest loans to people who can’t afford them. That’s not what we need in these troubled times to get our communities and our economy back on track.

29 October, 2008 10:59  
Blogger AirborneVet said...

Well, I basically decided on what I was voting for and against simply by reading what was on the ballot, which now makes me wonder what YOU have been reading Dennis. Granted, the leagaleze on the ballots can be confusing, but some of what you state here was simply NOT what I read on the ballot.
I already voted using a mail-in ballot. I am unable to take any time off work to vote, so this mail-in thing was best for me. I was also able to take more time and read the entire ballot, which was nice.
Anyway, no matter how you vote or who you vote for, PLEASE VOTE!

30 October, 2008 09:47  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Honestly...I need to go back and check myself....I don't know if I copied it wrong or what, but I did a quick perusal and am not seeing what I should be seeing on this post.

Wonder if one the team members is messing with me?

At any rate, today is a rest day for me, I just had a tooth pulled and am hitting the sack after a pain pill

30 October, 2008 13:31  

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