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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why are the talking points all the same?

I have been following a fellow blogger here, http://dpatterson.blogspot.com/ I have NO IDEA why in the hell his blog out of all the others caught my attention, but it did. He and I agree on a couple of issues, but mostly disagree (go figure) his posts gives some insight as to the workings of the mind of a tree hugger (No offense Daniel)

So he made a post this morning on the way in Iraq calling for an immediate pullout of troops. When he did this, I made this comment in his blog:

"yep .. now that Iraq has a constitution, leave them to their own devices even though their police and military are strong, but still not up to speed. .... Sure.. follow the agenda and get the hell out of an unstable country and let WW3 break out so we can be back. How many countries do you think are just sitting there licking their chops waiting to get their hands on Iraq?We will be there for a LONG time friend, make no bones about it, and no amount of protesting or screaming or name calling or blubbering will get us out....so jump on the bandwagon and lets support our troops in a difficult job in a difficult time.And yes, it was a magical October night. :) "

Figuring that he would come back at me with something, I was surprised to read a response from another commenter on his blog http://jeneiene.blogspot.com/ Her response went something like this:

"Myohmy, that is the same 'sky is falling' attitude the US had when we withdrew our troops from Viet Nam. And guess what, the sky did indeed not fall. Roving hordes of communists did not smell opportunity and invade the US as was threatned by the war mongers and flag wavers.Bush wants us to stay in Iraq because Halliburton is making a 'killing' there. We were in VietNam eight years after we knew we couldn't win it. I'm praying we don't make the same mistake with Iraq. I have a suggestion, mental disorder, and to all the other 'let's support our troops by keeping them in harm's way' crowd:enlist today at the local recruiting office. I hear that they are so desparte for volunteers they'll take you no matter what your age. Walk your talk, put on a uniform and get your ass over to Iraq today. "

Which raises 2 questions in my mind, 1. Why is it the liberals ALWAYS quote Michael Moore? The man is an uneducated sap who is taking money from them..suckers..lol and 2. Why does it ALWAYS go back to Vietnam? Havent they found out that its over? Havent they figured out WHY it became a quagmire that was unwinnable? Or are they just obliviously delirious in their own delusional worlds?

So my response to her:

"How very Michael Moorish of you Jeneiene, glad to see you are following the liberal playbook word for word. FYI I had joined the USAF when the first Gulf War happened, I was classified as medically unable to serve..otherwise known as 4F.Now here is something ... why dont you go and run for political office and do something to bring the troops home? Its only fair to ask that of you if you are going to ask that of others.Ahem "

Well? Who agrees or disagrees with me?


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