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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its about damn time

San Diego

Judge Clears Way for Border Fence

SAN DIEGO - A federal judge on Monday lifted the final legal barrier to completing a border fence meant to thwart illegal immigrants in the southwestern corner of the U.S.

The project comprises 14 miles of additional fencing in San Diego. In September, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff waived all laws and legal challenges to building the final 3 1/2-mile leg through coastal wetlands to the Pacific Ocean.

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups had argued that Chertoff lacked the authority to do what he did.

But U.S. District Judge Larry Burns said Congress delegated such authority to Chertoff in June. He noted that the executive branch already had significant jurisdiction over national security and immigration.

Burns said Congress delegated such authority to Chertoff in June. He noted that the executive branch already had significant jurisdiction over national security and immigration.

Cory Briggs, an attorney representing the environmental groups, said he was undecided whether to appeal.

Litigation has stalled the project since it was approved by Congress in 1996. Last year, the California Coastal Commission refused to grant permits, saying damage to sensitive habitats outweighed security benefits.

In a lawsuit in 2004, the Sierra Club said the project threatened the Tijuana River estuary, home to more than 370 migratory and native birds, six of them endangered.

The proposal calls for adding two fences to an existing barrier made of Navy landing mats. A maintenance road would be built between the primary and secondary fences, along with lights, sensors and cameras.

The 2006 Homeland Security budget includes $35 million to cover most of the work.

The final leg of the fence would cross steep, rugged canyons including "Smuggler's Gulch," a maze of trails once overrun by illegal border crossers. The federal government launched a crackdown in the area in 1994, forcing migrants to cross in more remote areas.


Now lets get it extended along the rest of the border so people will stop killing themselves by walking through the desert in the middle of summer with no food or water in 110 degree heat.

WHAT!!??? I cant say that, it makes sense.

It warms my cockles to know that Clinton recognised this as a problem back in 96...you liberals should be ashamed of yourselves....you are making your poster child look bad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on the success of any wall. It doesn't matter what you put up, people will try to find a way over, under or around it. Always have, always will.

14 December, 2005 14:52  
Blogger BigBlackDog said...

The wall in itself is a useful element of a comprehensive immigration policy that we need to protect American security and national unity. The major attractions of the United States to the illegal immigrants are jobs and state services including education, medical care, and welfare. Preventing the illegal immigrants from receiving these inducements is crucial also.

"Always have, always will" is unwarranted defeatism; with national resolve, this country can and will sharply reduce the problem. Currently, the US takes more immigrants than all other countries of the world combined. Of course, the illegals make economic contributions here, but they impose even greater costs, especially in the services their large families receive at taxpayer expense.

10 February, 2006 07:59  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Well said dog :)

10 February, 2006 10:28  

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