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Monday, April 03, 2006

Round and round she goes.........

Lets see what others are saying:

Billy off the air still

Flight Pundit chimes in on Senator McCain, I am in complete agreement with him

Insults Unpunished asks us to see the irony in this whole immigration stupidity

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy points us to a vid .. My GOD .. how is it some of theses kids actually made it to college?

The Universe and Other Things chimes in on the immigration fiasco as well.

Expose the left talks about Klein from the Times

Real Teen delivers a truth missile about Iraq

Just for fun, take a look at the The Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, make sure your sound is on

The Independant Conservative has some interesting points regarding immigration

Flopping Aces gives us some information on Padilla

Tammy Bruce hits the nail on the head about you liberal red diaper doper babies

Days Gone By: Sniper's Mom Nuff said

Smithgurl03 lets us know what a TRUE american is

Lets see what the liberal lunies are saying on immigration..shall we?

And JUST for fun, see what the lunies who read him are saying about me :D

90 Degrees right angle asks a valid question...What is wrong with immigration?

What you talkin' about McKinney? - Say no to P.C.B.S. Heh

And always a good general read Newsbusters.org

I got work to do


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