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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Liberals...and their contempt for anything decent

So as you may know I am a frequent poster on a mostly liberal website..I have never given the name or address for good reasons which are personal.

The other day I posted these simple words:

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3065 posts 01-Sep-06, 02:15 PM (PST)

"I am participating...will you?"


It was simple, to the point and was a way for me to restore at least SOME faith in humanity. After 24 hours there was no response and the post was getting moved towards the bottom so I "bumped it" to the top.

The first response from a lib was this:

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8806 posts 02-Sep-06, 09:44 AM (PST)

3. "RE: I am participating...will you?"
In response to message #0

Those of us who beg calmer heads to exit Iraq because of the disaster it has become, honor those troops every day in our actions.
We also believe, that those who demand their presence with no definable or obtainable objective, dishonor the concept that our troops are told they are being paid to serve for.

We dont need a single day on a calendar to honor and fight for the safety of our military persons..living or deceased.

They should have never gone there in the first place and _every_ argument against Bushco on the Iraq war has come true, while none of Bushco's expectations have.

"ASHINGTON (AP) -- A day after a Pentagon report described spreading sectarian violence and increasingly complex security problems in Iraq, President Bush painted a rosier picture.

"Our commanders and diplomats on the ground believe that Iraq has not descended into a civil war.....

And it goes on. The poster didnt even read the website, just assumed because of my history on the board that it was something to do with supporting our troops. So I responded:

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3065 posts 02-Sep-06, 09:59 AM (PST)

4. "U didnt even look at it completely"
In response to message #3

LAST EDITED ON 02-Sep-06 AT 10:00 AM (PST)

Its not about the troops.
Look at it again then tell me the same thing


So he responds:

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8806 posts 02-Sep-06, 04:06 PM (PST)

8. "RE: U didnt even look at it completely"
In response to message #4

No..it is about the troops..and the war.
Those who died on 9/11 are used indiscriminately as tools to manage the information war WRT why we continue to exist in Iraq.

But to be more direct, I also dont need a single day in a year to remember 9.11, im reminded of it everyday in our feeble attempts to find bombs on old ladies and in flip-flop sandals on my 7yr old when we fly.


Ok, I am now sickened by their lack of regard for dead fellow americans. One particular poster who I have stopped responding to because he uses every posting of mine to further a flame war posted this:

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5. "Its not about the troops ..."
In response to message #4

Sure it is ... are you awake and aware? When the Prez, Rumy and VP continue to spout propaganda of 9/11 in order to drum up support for the war that puts our young women and men in harms way ... it's MOST definitely about the troops.

Ack.....forgive me if this gets long, but I want everyone to see the heartlessness of the true face of liberalism.

I didnt respond to the above directly, instead I made the following post:

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3065 posts 02-Sep-06, 12:27 PM (PST)

6. "Certain posters"
In response to message #0

Want to politicise the deaths of 2996 of your fellow americans.
Now we know where certain people on this board stand....actually rejoicing in those deaths on 9/11/2001

Sick...very sick


Of course, he knows I am responding to him so he responds:

Member since 4-Jan-04
4252 posts 02-Sep-06, 01:22 PM (PST)

7. "RE: Certain posters"
In response to message #6

LAST EDITED ON 02-Sep-06 AT 01:22 PM (PST)

The president you support does … on a daily basis ... I will stop commenting on their deaths the day he stops using their deaths to promote his greed, war and brand of corruption. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And again ... no need to refer to me as "Certain posters", for you ... call me 'Mister XXXX' (Are you really that scared of me? LOL LOL)

And then there are 2 responses joining in the liberal patting themselves on the back agreeing with the above. Another poster responds:

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8806 posts 02-Sep-06, 04:13 PM (PST)

10. "RE: Certain posters"
In response to message #6

People who emphatically USE the deaths of 2996 on 9/11:

They ALL use it to make their political points, without 9/11 being thrust down our throats on a daily basis within political speeches and manifestos from these four specific places, they would lose the one and only indirect reason to be in Iraq..without 9/11 memories fresh in our minds as a placebo..Iraq would be an overnight disaster, and we would leave.

But with the placebo effect of "Remember 9/11?" the context of "Were in Iraq because of terrorism..." has just enough effect to keep those three specific names I mentioned in the comfy chairs they wrap themselves in to direct others to die for what is overwhelmingly a lost cause.

People in Iraq voted..they cried tears of happiness...then hid in the same holes of ignorance they lived in for decades under Saddam and allow the slaughter around them to continue..conform and they wont be targetted. Is that what a people proud of democracy and a willingness to be free act like?

People against the Iraq war..dont speak of 9/11 proudly, in fact, they dont have a need to reference it directly whatsoever to make their point, only Bushco -has- to, and without regard for the fact does so daily.

Liberal credo "Never miss an opportunity to bash the president" And then our resident libranazi responds (This guy is so far out there to the left its insane. If you have ever watched the videos on zombietime.com he can be seen holding a palestinian flag and starting a fight with conservatives, he is mean, vicious and brutal. Well know in conservative cirles in San Francisco, the conservatives know to avoid talking or being around him at all due to his instability) He responds:

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12252 posts 02-Sep-06, 08:28 PM (PST)

11. "king george doesn't care"
In response to message #0

LAST EDITED ON 02-Sep-06 AT 08:29 PM (PST)

about osama bin laden who created this tragedy. we can demand justice for these victims by pressuring king george to catch the real terrorist, obl, and not the ones he created by invading iraq.
it's the war, stupid! end the occupation of iraq!

So there you have it...I ask for them to show a shred of humanity by joining the tribute on 9/11 and all they can do is polticise it and show their contempt for decent america.

Its a culture of death for the liberals folks...make no bones about it, they rejoice and even relish death. Sounds like the islamofascists doesnt it? Who needs more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder? I was convinced long ago, how much more will it take for you to be convinced?

Update 2341 09/02/06 --- Flopping Aces has a similar situation that needs to be looked at. Liberals are subhuman garbage.


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