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Friday, November 03, 2006

Special request to readers of this blog.......

Since I do not have the technical know how to find where all these hits in the past 24 hours have come from...worldwide...If you have found me via another blog, please post the link so I can thank the blog owner.

If someone knows how I can check to see where all these hits are coming from...I would appreciate it :)

Thanks...back to bed for me, the knee is not as swollen today, but it still hurts.


Blogger Mike's America said...

I use statcounter to find where the referrals come from. In fact, the reason I am here at the moment is that someone from your page clicked a link to me and reminded me it was time to stop by and say hello.

You could also do a technorati search and see who is linking to you.

04 November, 2006 15:12  

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