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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lets see what others are saying

ok...another late post.

Sue me....I have found a woman who is now grabbed so totally ahold of me, that I wouldnt let go even if I tried. Someone asked...and the answer..NO she isnt a Republican, suffice it to say that she is conservative and leave it at that. She is my everything, and unfortunately, until there is some changes..and I mean MAJOR changes with us..which WILL happen, just getting the timing down, blogging is going to be hit and miss, BUT I will try and make sure I have this weekly tidbit available to you at least by Friday.

And away we go.

First lets remember .. I AM NOT A JOURNALIST .. for some reason I feel the need to repeat this..so, dont expect my view to be balanced...its MY VIEW.

SLACKER!!!!!!!!! and this time she can not blame me..since she switched over to the new blogger format, it has made it impossible for me to contribute!

Scott over at Speed of Thought is back. Thank God...I was ready to send a search party out for him!

All or some of you may know that Senator Tim Johnson (D) South Dakota has taken ill and is in the hospital recovering from surgery. The Radio Equaliser reports that the moonbats didnt take long to start with the Bush blame game for his illness. Is the current administration NOT at fault for ANYTHING in these peoples minds? Of course, the concern of the MSM SHOULD Be to Senator Johnsons well being, and my prayers go out to him and his family...but apparently the media is MORE concerned about losing their dhimmicrap majority in the senate.

Michael over at Flight Pundit has a new Politcally Correct way to bring in the holidays. I will say it with him MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

BTW Nick, I dont have time to respond to your previous comments...sorry dude.

The Independant Conservative reports on Nifong, Dhimmicrap DA in the Duke LaCross case, is witholding information...turns out he is ok with ruining the lives of young men to gain a political re-appointment...oh the shock..NOT

Curt at Flopping Aces has a shameless plug for the weblogs awards. Go over and vote for him .. he deserves it!

Fire and Hammer has a special post about building relationships during Christmas. He is right about this: "There are many people who do not enjoy Christmas time. Many will be alone, perhaps due to death or illness or any number of other reasons. Some will be with family and friends but will still feel lonely. They may keep up a facade so the world thinks they are fine, but inside they may be depressed and the holidays only add to the depression" To be honest with you...that was me until recently, now I have someone I am building a relationship with...and the one thing she reminds me of, God always has a relationship with you"

The Absurd Report has our political quote for the day:
America should begin to seek out and create alternative forums for dealing with other nations until the United Nations has proved to us it is reformed. The burden of proof should be on the United Nations to show us that it can be something more than a soapbox for tyrants and a megaphone for hate. – Newt Gingrich Well said!

I concur with Old War Dogs regarding Senator Johnson.

Big Dogs Weblog reports on Frankenkerry and his treasonous ways. I Need a shower after reading that

Raven over at And Rightly So! Reports on the Coercive Abortion Prevention Act in Michigan..read it, its a scream...and I dont mean in a joyful way.

Ever wonder why I hate Carter so much? The Bookworm Room has the answer. She puts it nicer than I do...but we both agree..JUST DIE ALREADY CARTER

The Ex-Donkey blog on listening to the troops..this is worth a click folks!

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (Geez thas hard to type for me) has a report from Phoenix, seems the school district is teaching HIV/AIDS prevention...that is cool, until you read the shocker. As a future father and provider...I am with him on this.

Cold Fury has a piece on Thomas Jefferson and his disdain for the MSM of his day. "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without government, I would not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter"

Mikes America reports on the voice of a moderate Muslim with regards to CAIR getting involved in the flying Imams shenanigans.

Stop the ACLU reports on a poll that the ACLU is the most recognised, but most least trusted organisation.

American and Proud of it has some humor on his page that can not be missed!

BillyBudd (An awesome american and all around great guy) has an essay on the 2nd amendment. All I have to say is, AMEN TO THAT BRUDDER!

Screw Politcally Correct BS (HEY, when did she change the name of her blog?) reports on the raids that have been happening at the Swift Plant. She sums it up nicely, "That's a crock, this company should be fined so hard and so bad they hurt for the next 50 years. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. It is their fault we have this problem. Every company out there should be quaking in their boots, and checking the status of their employees NOW. "

The Espresso Pundit corrects some MSM mis-information regarding the 9/11 blamemorial in Phoenix. For some reason I cant get a perma-link to the particular story, so look for the article titled, "Rewriting History"

And they call Conservatives heartless? SCREW YOU ALEC BALDWIN

Sweetness and Light...and why John FrankenKerry (Lurch) should be charged with treason by way of severe hypocrisy

From The Freedom Folks, reason number 4,657,902 why the left can not be trusted to run our country.

From the Conservative Intelligence Report (why I have been forgetting to add this guys posts to my weekly Lets See What Others Are Saying is beyond me) he has a post that is a little late for me to refer to but makes a damn good point about San FranFreako, the city I loved but has been turned into a cesspool by the liberals.

My friend Josh over at Mackers World has a CAIR parody

From the blogger who posts only once in a while (Just playing Josh) JOSH4VicePres reports that Jack Kingston is an idiot. Yep...he sure is!

Well..there you have it, all the articles that are fit to print.

I am off now, my happiness doubles and expands every day..I have found my true partner in life as destined by God, I am sure of it. Have a great weekend!




Anonymous Sithmonkey said...

Screw politics and all that other stuff...love is love. When you find it, grab on and don't let go...:)

16 December, 2006 09:25  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Thanks man..appreciate the affirmation :P

Great blog you have btw...one of my favorite reads

16 December, 2006 11:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't know the new blogger format won't let you contribute. Well, damnit! Change over yourself!!!

16 December, 2006 12:34  

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