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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lets see what others are saying

Love is in the air...so much so that it makes people sick...good...I wouldnt have it any other way.

Here we go with this weeks edition:

Half-Hearted, but informative nonetheless...lol :P I will forever give her a hard time

Over at Independant Conservative, Darnell has a story of a man who is caught by islamofacism. Details of the One Who Cannot Return to Afghanistan.

Curt at Flopping Aces has a story on a Marine being awarded the first ever medal of honor since Vietnam. See his story titled, "Marine To Be Awarded The Medal Of Honor"

Lets check in on Tammy Bruce, who has been losing major popularity lately..wonder why? On 2nd thought, maybe I wont, she has this guy, Maynard posting blogs, he is irritating.

This weeks bible study courtesy of Fire and Hammer, "Are There Christian Orphans? "

And, from the Absurd Report, the Political Quote of the Day… Click it...funny stuff :D

Heather over at And Rightly So! has a post that everyone should think about. Making bad guys

From the Ex-Donkey blog...4minutes and 15 seconds of your life you will NEVER get back.

From the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, an update on the armed incursion on the Mexican border. I think he gets my feelings pretty straight about this, "The proper response to an incident like this would have been to scramble a SPECTRE and create a red smear in the desert, then drop a jumbo bag of Tostitos in the middle so the Mexican cleanup crew could have chips with their salsa."

And finally, someone says it so I dont have to, at Mikes America, "Democrats FOR Sending More Troops Before They Were AGAINST It "

From Stop The ACLU, "Bangor Makes It Illegal to Smoke in Cars" What do I need to say here? NOTHING, its already ALL been said.

Say No To Politcally Correct BS tells us, "The liberals, how to destroy higher education" Yep

From Sweetness & Light, Four More Of Bush Judges Give Up On Confirmation. She sums it up correctly, "It looks like they didn’t believe the Democrats’ claims about their new non-partisanship either.
Sadly, the ramifications from last November’s elections will be felt for many years." Nice going America

American and Proud has a video of Sadaam After Hanging ... Warning: GRAPHIC CONTENT

And last but not least, my favorite Freedom Folks bringing up the rear with Democracy Now!

Ok you rat bastards, get off your tails and get something done. I will blog when able, so check back often :)




Blogger AirborneVet said...

Ha! My latest post is definitely NOT half-hearted! Go take a look for yourself you crazy bastard! ;-)

10 January, 2007 19:09  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

I saw it Vet...welll done :)

11 January, 2007 07:14  

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