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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The best laugh I have had all month............

Sometimes you just have to look at a moonbat and laugh hysterically while rolling on the floor....this is one of those instances.......

From Arizona Indymedia:

by bg Sunday February 04, 2007 at 10:19 AM

from the circuit earth blog

020407. A lot of ENMOD (environmental modification) is to restrict/control digestion as I have highlighted before. This seems to be the crux of their attempt to control people and peoples minds.

Sometimes I get hit with energy (Microwave-others-dhs plants here in neighborhood) that makes my ears ring then have to run to bathroom -- this happened this morning. sorry for the indelicacy but many people share these same occurences and change will not happen if it is not discussed....understand you are being manipulated electronically via plasma tech implants and additives in your food/water/air.

In the grid that was in place in the 4th world which england and bush and the other torture lovers want to re-institute here, using cell phones and wireless technology as a cover the digestion control was used as control of the slave force, and also the dray animals and other livestock.

In the way they think, you are eating their food, so it is their duty to make sure you get the most of it and electogastrography is a BIG part of ENMOD and the antennae grid.

By controlling the elimination process they have taken literal control of health/ disease.

Just as teeth (masticatiuon) dictate the initial process within the digestive system and bad teeth exacerbates all disease because digestion suffers from the beginning, so does the process of waste elimination dictate helath disease.

They have the ability to monitor any and all digestivve processes within the grid and a lot of the chemtrailing is for just this purpose i have seen personal chemtrails just for me that many now are noticing as well....this was to keep me from elinminating sometimes, because as soon as i moved some miles off first the chemtrailing becomes frantic as they lose control of my system then i have to grab the tp and head for the woods, because i can feel their control come undone.

The military scum of the bush machine and their money lovers cover all this with weather control and other things but their main goal is to take control of an organisms body, therefore their mind.

This is all in place now folks. many gangs within the bush machine believe its time for America to go away, and they are scum.

Impeach and execute bush.

A lot of the fundamental churches here in America facilitated this takeover -- those traitors are complicit in a forced conversion, which shows how menial and superficial they really are -- how missionary -- they cannot take satisfaction in their beliefs they must make other people believe like they do. Or try.


020407. The military (new american police) at davis monthan afb in tucson az began a spy exercise yesterday (020307) about 2 pm, spraying small lines to the west of town, thereby bringing in an existing plasma used for projecting high power electronic eavesdropping and torture fields (the hate mchine--behaviour modification). The giant electric sparks began to fly immediately and literally, jumping from people to metal and many noticed. This is coordinated eavesdropping via wireless telephone and beaudrys rv harbored many of the operatives because certain people at the tucson gem and mineral show - myself included - were targeted directly. The dhs nazi corp is monitoring people they wish to harass and turn to their evil ways of thinking. They hold prosperity over the head of America like a ransom and the ultimatum is this: prosperity or freedom. They have us in a death grip and prosperity will indeed go away if they lose power and their police state, in the same way the twin towers went away -- these scum will destroy prosperity. A large number of truckers are part of this anti-america eavesdropping, and bikers are many times the SS types harassing people on the streets. This is the church of the skeered ratz, worshippers of torture and cannibalism.

Here in Hachita the human experimentation continues 24-7 with extreme ultrasound refrigeation experiments and people planted in the neighborhood (Smith DOD) to harass and deploy the interferometer experiments, slowly injuring people in suposedly undetectable ways. Nelson in charge of wiretapping and camera deployments I think. These scum are nt Americans and lie and cheat and steal as atheir way of doing business. No one is exempt from their depredations. Prey, it works. All military personnel and anyhone receiving a govt subsistence check of any kind are suspsect and are snitches for their lords and kings.

These types want people in the bush slave system to pay their social security and government welfare, instead of being American and demanding what is theirs they just wish to suck blood like their masters. It is their laziness that has instituted this police state here, and there are many israeli influences too. Democrats and republicans by definition, all now owe allegiance and much more to world powers. They keep all this secret but WATCH THE SKIES...the plasma events are to target individuals nd the operators need to be identified and put in jail. They are many.



This is the lunacy we face folks. This man needs his tinfoil hat readjusted.

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Anonymous WMD_Maker said...

Where did you find this guy? He has a very bright future ahead of him as a writer for the Sci-Fi channel.

21 February, 2007 15:40  
Blogger MDConservative said...

Too funny.

23 February, 2007 07:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I had trouble reading that because my vision was blurred from all the tears. I was laughing way to hard.
Does this guy live in Bisbee?? I know a few who believe that stuff.

23 February, 2007 11:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's having a flashback.

23 February, 2007 15:47  

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