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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oy...I am so conflicted

Ran Across this at AZstarnet.net:

Councilman rebuked over decision to sit through pledge
Associated Press

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.06.2007

Several Mesa City Council members have rebuked Councilman Tom Rawles over his decision to sit down during the Pledge of Allegiance to protest the U.S. involvement in Iraq.

"I think that whatever the message is, and I know what Tom wants to say, has been buried," said Councilman Scott Somers, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. "Nobody's hearing that message over the action that was taken."

Somers also said at Monday's meeting that Rawles' protest has been a distraction.
Other council members also expressed disappointment in Rawles' decision.

"I feel it is a privilege and an honor to pledge to the flag and what it stands for," Councilman Kyle Jones said.

Rawles, a former county supervisor, sat through the Pledge two weeks ago and announced he will do the same at every council meeting until U.S. troops are out of Iraq or until his term ends in late 2008.

"If I don't have the freedom not to stand for the Pledge, standing for the Pledge means absolutely nothing," Rawles said.


Ok, on the one hand this asshat has the right to not stand for the pledge in protest...I know..I have used the same Supreme Court decision to sit out the pledge in high school (This was before I started thinking for myself) ... On the other hand, this man is a councilman and stands in a very important post for his city, it is up to him to lead by example and show the people of Mesa that you can be an American and still disagree with the policies.

Its an honor and a privelage to serve the people...at the very least he should show his patriotism by standing and reciting the pledge...if you have a beef with the policies of the United States, you have OTHER options!

I say down with the traitor...what say you?

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