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Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was browsing Yahoo News (always good for a few laughs in their liberal slant of things) and ran across an article about Yale college and an email sent out chastising a couple for fornicating in the shower. That isnt what this post is about. What is is about is the fact that the article pointed me to a blog of a young conservative on campus who posts infrequently, but well. One post in particular caught my eye and I want to share with you, you can find this posting of his at PC-Ness over done

The Chicago Maroon's Editorial Board has decided to endorse "Gender Neutral Housing." What's more digusting than their position is their reluctance to admit it. They are determined to weigh in on controversial issues, but so afraid to offend anyone.

First they want to, “allow students to live in an environment that conforms with their notions of gender.” But they also want to stress that, “People with religious, cultural, or personal reasons for wanting gender-specific housing should have that option.” What do they think? Well, one would have to get to the bottom of the drivel to find out the real kicker:

Forcing different types of students together is for everyone’s benefit and is one of the best ways to overcome the stereotypes and prejudices that are rampant in our society.

You heard it, the best way to create diversity is to shove it down people’s throats until they like the taste. Wow, there’s tolerance for ya. Did people ever stop to think that some things were taboo for a reason?


Like I said...Brilliant! Keep an eye on this guys blog.

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