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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

um...excuse me? From the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot file

H/T To Stop the ACLU

"Firefighters at the East Baltimore station where a noose was found demanded Monday that the NAACP apologize for labeling them racist. Discovery of the noose had drawn sharp criticism from Marvin "Doc" Cheatham, the Baltimore NAACP president, before a black firefighter from the station admitted that he had placed the noose there.

"The firefighters that work on his shift want Doc Cheatham to be man enough to stand up and apologize for his outrageous statements," said Bob Sledgeski, a city firefighter union official. "They're furious they were accused of being racists when it was not true."

The union, Sledgeski said, is considering filing a defamation lawsuit against the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Vulcan Blazers, a black firefighters group that said the noose symbolized racism in the department.

Henry Burris, president of the Vulcan Blazers, condemned the incident but said no apology was necessary. "I do not condone it," he said. "However, I do not apologize for the information I got concerning the noose, and, as I said when I found out about the noose, it was just a symptom of racism in the fire department."


Stretch....stretch...stretch.....ah, there it is, they found a way to come full circle and still blame whitey for all their troubles and ills.

Going to the ARTICLE
itself, one finds comments which sums this up quite readily:

The Naccp better have a apolgy how dare they drag Baltimore's Fire Department in the gutter.They over reacted on a issue that they had no evidence a white fireman did.Also I don't think they have any job being in Baltimore's afair's.If this would have turned out to have been done by a white man.Then the only one that has to deal with it would between the white fire fighter and the black fire fighter's.The white fire fighter would have had to give the black's a apolgy.But this was a set up to make all white's in the department look bad and racist.The Naccp need's to go some where else they should have no influence in how the punishment should be.This is a Baltimore thing and can be dealt with in the community.The Naccp can go try and baby sit some one else they have no right in any city afair's.As for the nosse well I was sure glad to see it was not a white man.They need to fire that black fire fighter that did it starting racial tention for no reason.

And this one

They're not going to apologize. If they really cared about doing the right thing, they would. But they don't, they're in this to force their agenda on everyone, that's all. Taking responsibility and admitting mistakes goes against everything the NAACP stands for. I'm sure they're sitting around thinking about ways to turn this around to make themselves the victims in this.

Of course, I have my own comment at Stop the ACLU:

Wait, let me get this straight.

A black firefighter places a noose in a station, the NAACP accuses the white firefighters of racism publicly, its found out that the noose was placed by said firefighter, and now the NAACP is refusing to apologise to the white firefighters for calling them racists, then proceeds to defend themselves by saying the noose, placed by a black firefighter, is symptomatic of racism in the fire department?

Um, yeah, there is racism, but its not coming from the white firefighters.

Nuff said

Yep, Nuff said indeed

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