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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its Sunday

This morning I took the time to go over my postings of the past year, and beyond. I reflected on how time has changed things, me included.

Last year at this time I was excited to be getting to know my now ex-wife. How blind sided I was with that whole situation. Lesson learned: Do not compromise who you are for someone else, stick to your beliefs and hold onto your passions. And most of all, love who you are in Christ.

This year its been like a broken record, with Christmas approaching the cycle started to repeat itself. Luckily, I saw the red flags and am able to let go really easily early on. Still, I find myself back sliding, but that is human nature. God makes us really complicated.

So onward and forward. One of my passions has always been this blog and spreading the message. So I intend to get back into it. I am really bad at following through, so this would be a good excercise in it.

Look for more. I hope.

Starting with a Sunday edition of lets see what others are saying (Been WAY too long and that was always my favorite thing to do).

Merry Christmas one and all


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