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Monday, November 19, 2007

2nd Annual throw lefty a curve

So, here we go, this report will probably be broken into parts, but if you were not a reader of my blog when we first did this last year, you can find reports here, here, here, here, here, here, here (come to think of it, this guy wasnt there this year), here, and here.

This year was more of the same. We attempted to pull a permit 2 months ago, but was advised that the moonbats already had one. Turns out they got it on 3/16/07, so they had been planning this for awhile. Word on the street was that they were pissed off about our showing up to ruin their good time last year, so this year they were ready to go all out. And they did!

The General and I went to her office early in the morning to load flags and signs into our vehicles. Admittedly, our planning was poor for this event as we didnt get an email out until a few days prior. Life has a way of getting in the way. We headed over to our meeting point at which had been advertised on KNST and 104.1 freedom radio. Getting there late, we setup and the General went to get breakfast. We ate, had coffee, people showed up and off we went.

Arriving in Sierra Vista we were pleasantly surprised by the closure of the front gates of Ft Huachuca, and I mean it was CLOSED. The military had directed all traffic to the east gate and had barricaded the front gate. Noone was allowed to cross the street. Shortly after our arrival, Sierra Vistas finest showed up. I took the opportunity to go talk to the Lieutenant who I had previously spoke with on the phone. The plan was that since both groups wanted a permit for the same day at the same time, they would compromise and keep us in one area, seperated by a wall of police. I introduced myself and spoke with him and we went over ground rules. We unloaded our vehicles and began setup.

Getting there at this time was members of the Cochise county Republicans, who were on board for this thanks to Gail Griffen and Irv. We got all of our flags setup and were ready to rock and roll, I grabbed the megaphone as the lefties were starting to show up and began my fun with them.

As they walked across the street, I embellished, "Righties to the left and lefties to the right" To explain this, their permitted territory access was to the right, ours was to left, so it was a catchy lil thing to say. The look of surprise on their face was something else. I grabbed another guy and we stood there directing people to their areas, we had a few lefties who argued with us that it was a public sidewalk, I said it was permitted territory, they pushed thru which elicited a response to me call for police to re-direct the misguided souls to their area. After doing this 2 times, I was approached by an officer who let his anger show. He told me that its a public sidewalk and anyone is permitted to use it, that if I continued, I would be the one "Inciting"...I reminded him to speak to the Lt. its permitted territory for today, he said its a public sidewalk, I said its permitted territory, he walked away after I turned my back on him. This is the same guy who got Mike Lucero, a gold star dad, all riled up last year and was goading him into doing something stupid so he can arrest him. After about 10 mins I looked back at the corner, and lo and behold, there he was directing...lefties to the right, righties to the left. I do believe I made my point!

Let me digress here and say that Sierra Vista PD is totally inexperienced with protests and has no clue how to handle them. They were more on top of their game this year, but it still was not handled smoothly by them.

Arriving for the moonbats was a Jeep SUV driven by a sole driver pulling a trailer which was to serve as a stage. They were permitted to pull onto the easement while we had been told not to do that. I wondered aloud via the megaphone, "Why is it that we showed up with our vehicles filled and they were arriving one to 2 per car" My statements fell on deaf ears. As the moonbats swelled in numbers, I began critiquing their signs via the megaphone, "You there, if war is not the answer, what is the question?" All I got was a funny look on that one. I spotted another man with the same sign, so I repeated my question...this time he stopped and rambled something about diplomacy blah blah blah...before I could remind him that Sadaam Hussein was in violation of every UN Security council order, he moved on and my attention was drawn down the street where a large contingent of loonies were moving towards the protest area. I just shook my head and continued the questions, "If the earth is tilted on its axis, why dont we have to shorten the legs on one side of our tables?" Ok, that one was seriously a rhetorical question, but I had wondered about it since elementary school, noone has the answer.

Ok, this will wet your appetite, more later, I need FOOD. Meanwhile, check out a couple of articles from Azstarnet and the Sierra Vista Herald.

Coming up later, motorcycles on parade, lefties invading our territory, and speeches being drowned out.

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Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

That was just hilarious. Thnkas for sharing.

21 November, 2007 11:46  

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