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Friday, November 24, 2006

Pics from throw lefty a curve

Randy Graf, former contender for CD8. I always knew this guy was a decent human being and wasnt being policial with joining us. This PROVES it. He lost the election narrowly, but still found time to come out and do the right thing. This guy is the epitomy of the type of person we need in Congress.

These 2 in the foreground are the younger Luceros, their brother Joshua died in Iraq, fighting for the right of the moonbats to protest. It is with some degree of irony that they now have to be out correcting the message. These kids are such INSANELY good kids and decent humans that I cant help but feel there is hope for the future

Moonbats from Sierra Vista setup camp in our territory, they were kept (by us) and pushed back about 10 feet behind the speed limit signs.

This is the moonbat contingent from Tucson...as practiced as we are with one another, as soon as they saw us, they took up residence across the street where you see them in this picture. What they didnt realise was that Sierra Vista PDs lack of experience with these situations would have allowed them to intermingle with us. Tucson PD NEVER allows them to intermingle with us for 2 reasons, 1-to prevent any violence 2-As a psychological statement that shenanigans arent allowed. They have been know to be violent in the past, throwing the first blows, so I am glad they decided to not mingle, with some of the vets from Sierra Vista there, it could have gotten ugly with their boisterousness.

Sierra Vista Police officer, this guy was something else...he is a vet, and he appreciated our efforts, though he couldnt come right out and say it.


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