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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More pics from throw lefty a curve

Nothing needs to be said about this one. Nowhere did you hear or see outrage against the Islamofascists and their policy of beheading "Infidels" .. Maybe their message would have carried more weight with people if they could stop hating America so much for a change

Street theatre...isnt it a wonderful thing? Shows just how nutty they are.

GOD bless America!

This is the moonbat that the cop was telling to move .. pic was taken right after the cop backed off, notice the one with the dog is gone from her side....hehe

Army pride with the presidential seal flown proudly

Spiff plays patriotic music as a background for the moonbat speaker.

ACK...moonbat alert!

Flags flying in the breeze.. there is NO greater site!

A group of bikers flys the colors and shows some pride.


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