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Friday, November 17, 2006

I dont get it............

A Republican Senator is accused of sending explicit messages to a page with no contact, and he is ostracised and removed by the Republican leadership as an example that we will not tolerate unethical behavior (which by the way, later turned out to be an adult)

Then we have Dhimmicats who actually have sex with underage pages and he gets a standing ovation from his colleagues and constituency.

Now we have this guy:

N.C. Sheriff-Elect Faces Rape Charges

11-16) 11:02 PST Charlotte, N.C. (AP) --

Chris Abril will be sworn in Dec. 4 as the sheriff of Polk County. A month later, he will appear in court to face charges he raped two girls, ages 10 and 11, nearly 20 years ago.

Arrested in the middle of his campaign, the 45-year-old Democrat pressed ahead and won election by a comfortable margin last week, insisting the charges were a politically motivated attack by his GOP rivals in the mostly rural county of horse farms and bed-and-breakfast inns on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"I am not capable of committing these crimes," Abril, the police chief in Columbus, told supporters at a rally shortly after he was charged in August with statutory rape and sexual offense.

Voters apparently agreed, electing Abril by eight points over two-term incumbent David Satterfield.

If Abril is convicted after taking office as sheriff, he will be removed. He is on suspension from his job as police chief while the charges are pending.

The Republican district attorney, Jeff Hunt, denied the charges were connected in any way to the election, and said the case was brought by North Carolina's attorney general, a Democrat.

"The attorney general came in and took the file, physically," Hunt said. "They made the decision whether to proceed to indictment, and they proceeded. The timing of the thing was up to the attorney general's office. They knew they had a choice of doing it before or after the election."

Hunt said he learned of a single rape allegation against Abril earlier this year from the State Bureau of Investigation, and after he started looking into the case, he soon found out about a second alleged victim.

"When she seemed to be a very solid claimant, then I realized that from that point on I should recuse myself, and that's what I did," Hunt said.

Abril has said the girls were neighbors of his at the time of the alleged crimes.

In an interview that aired shortly after Abril's arrest, one of his accusers told Asheville TV station WLOS that he took her virginity when she was 11. The timing of the election "doesn't take away from the fact that it actually happened," said the woman, who did not appear on camera.

Polk County, population 19,000, is in what is known as the Thermal Belt, because the weather is so pleasant all year round. It is about 80 miles west of Charlotte and 20 miles north of Spartanburg, S.C., and has become a popular destination for retirees.

Former District Attorney Alan Leonard, now retired, said he, the sheriff's department and the state investigated one of the rape allegations against Abril in the early 1990s, but "we didn't have evidence that we felt would come close to convincing a jury of Mr. Abril's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt."

Jeff Byrd, longtime publisher of Tryon Daily Bulletin newspaper, said many in the county concluded that the revival of the two-decade-old charges had to be politically motivated and the work of Satterfield's backers.

Abril "is about as gentle a spirit as you'd meet," the newspaperman said. "The folks who know him and know him well are just convinced it can't be so."

In an editorial this week, Byrd pronounced Abril's election "a strong repudiation of the notion that any power brokers should ever be able to manipulate a local election."


Ok.....so he gets elected by his constituents...dhimmicats...while facing charges that in my mind...are as serious, if not more so, than murder or sending improper emails to a page.

Do dhimmicats have NO MORALS? A Senator who killed a woman in Chappequidick, gets a pass. A Senator who had sex with a minor page...gets a pass. A Sherriff who raped 2 little girls...gets a pass.

And we are going to trust these idiots with our National Security?

WAKE UP AMERICA......WTF is wrong with you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all let me say that I think that if this sheriff really did do what he's accused of doing, it is reprehensible and disgusting. He is not welcome in my democratic party. Yet, you seem to take a few "bad eggs" and extrapolate them to brush the entire party. Yet you said yourself during your 1 post on the Foley scandel, "Are we done being big babies and threatening to sit out this election in protest of 1 or 2 bad eggs in the Republican Party?" You seem to hold the parties to different standards.

Also, what does any of this have to do with national security?


19 November, 2006 14:09  
Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Nick...thanks for the clarification on your position.

The examples that I drew are the most prominent cases within the Democrat party that shows the hypocrisy of dhimmicats within Congress...nowhere did I make a blanket statement to dhimmicats nationwide.

As for trusting them with National Security...if they can be trusted to maintain some sense of morals, such as what they accuse Republicans of doing, then what makes us think we can trust them with matters of National Security...ie Patriot Act, keeping up the pressure with the WOT etc.

20 November, 2006 06:40  

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