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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still alive

Just an update.....I am still alive...havent felt like blogging the past couple of days...kind of just sitting back and seeing how things are unfolding.

Arizona has finished their audit of the ballots (or so the rumor goes) and there are stark differences in numbers between races...it doesnt make sense...but then, who am I?

The nutball liberals are at it in full force. Mikes America has their agenda. He makes a resounding statement, "I wonder how the so-called "conservatives" who sat out this election, or said the GOP deserves to lose feel about defeat in Iraq, making U.S. citizens more vulnerable to terrorist attack, more taxpayer funding for abortion, gun control, socialized medicine and a return to union strangulation of the American economy? " While I agree it was time to get a spanking, voting Dem or sitting out was not an option...there is too much at stake. We could have re-elected and rode the Republicans hard with letters, emails and phone calls. Say hello to defeat in Iraq and goodbye to your rights and hard earned money.

Gotta go, everyone have a great day!


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