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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lets see what others are saying.........

Just because we lost doesnt mean we are going to stop fighting.

So here we go.........

The Universe and Other Things chimes in on more government regulation...which is what my point was about props 201 and 203. You are just inviting more beauracracy and more ways for the government to control your lives. SERIOUSLY..she is not that far off the mark because in the State of New York, they are trying to regulate your diet! BTW, she has given me posting privelages there. Not sure what I am going to say that I already say here, but I am sure I will come up with a thing or 3

Speed of Thought has a post on on the elections, and he has a good point in Update III .. Go read it

The Radio Equaliser is giving some encouragement to Conservatives...and he makes a DAMN valid point, "Rather than being won by Democrats, this election was lost by Republicans. Neither party made a good case for itself this year, but anti- GOP sentiment was strong enough to toss them out."

The Independant Conservative has a run down in his neck of the woods. If there is a breath of fresh air in this election, its that Lieberman won, quite handily. And he now becomes a swing vote from the Democrats. That could work in the Republicans favor.

Flopping Aces has his post-mortem. And a cool video which you should watch.

Tammy Bruce has comments from Bush today on illegal immigration. I am sick to my stomach.

This weeks bible study from Fire and Hammer. Tell what the Lord has done.

The Absurd Report shows agreement with what I said earlier about the win by Dhimmicats. Although I didnt read this blog until just now.

Old War Dogs spanks the President.

Big Dogs has an open letter to Republicans still in Congress...TAKE HEED!

And Rightly So! Gives me and others like me a spanking in first reactions this morning. Her blog post is one of the many reasons why I had to calm down and rationally think rather than react with pure emotion. She is absolutlely right and I owe apologies for my off the cuff remarks this morning. But I do not take them back. The average Joe Voter only listens to 30 seconds of TV time and makes up his/her mind on the issues. VERY PRECIOUS FEW actually take the time to research and make an informed choice.

The Bookworm Room has a bit of cautious optimism for the conservative base.

The ex-donkey blog has a letter to Bush...and Bush should take heed!

The Junkyard blog chimes in on Rumsfelds resignation.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler compares today to the cold war. I can live with this saying, "As to me: I’ll die before I’ll submit, and I’ll do my damndest to send an honor guard ahead to receive me in Hell." Amen to that

Cold Fury has some interesting perspective on all of this!

Mikes America, Win some, lose some, Work even harder next time!

Stop the ACLU makes the point, "From this day forward, every soldier that perishes in SW Asia is blood on the hands of Speaker Pelosi until every soldier comes home."

From American and Proud of it, A wolf in the hen house

The American Dinosaur echoes my sentiment on the vote here in Arizona.

Say no to Politcally Correct BS has some well needed humor

From Michelle Malkin, it didnt take long for liberals to start sticking their foots in their mouths. Their poster child was arrested.

From Sweetness & Light..Chavez wants Bush executed. Yep...right on par with Pelosi.

AND last but not least, the Freedom Folks bring our quote for the day:
"President Bush loves Mexicans. I think on balance he sees the average Mexican as in some moral sense superior to the average American, more genuine in some inchoate way. My impression is that, in his heart of hearts, he likes them better than he likes us."

Which brings me to my closing shot. Now more than ever I mean this folks!


Its just a matter of time.


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