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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My intentions..........

My well meaning intentions was to sit here and update this blog with election updates until I fell face first on my keyboard.

After looking at all the different news sources (CNN, MSNBC, FOX etc) I have decided that it just isnt worth it.

What matters is NOT what is going on today, though that is important and you MUST do your part by voting.....What really matters is what happens tomorrow when people wake up and start bellyaching about this, that and the other thing when it comes to how the election was handled, who won, who did what and when. And at the end of the day will be the results.

That is when we can either stick our tongues out at the other party, or stockpile ammunition and hide in the bunker (said in jest.....of course)

That being said, the news is full today of lawsuits, voters being intimidated, polling places being left open longer and other assorted fundries.

Just go to ANY of the news sites...after about 15 minutes of it, your head will explode and you will shout "JUST LEAVE IT UNTIL TOMORROW..DIMWIT"

I did!


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