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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Operation: Throw lefty a curve (part 4)

After Mike was able to calm down he went over to the 4 police officers that he had argued with earlier to sorta bury the hatchet. I was not privy to the discussion, but later learned that Mike shook each of the cops hands and turned to walk away, as he did so, an officer followed him, pulling his ID out of his wallet, and held it a fraction of an inch from Mikes face. This cop looked PISSED, and he was letting his emotions get the best of him (Bad cop...no donut) Mike ignored him and continued walking and the officer stuffed his ID angrily back into his wallet and stomped off. For his part, I must give Mike MAJOR props for holding back. I REALLY expected Mike to turn around and just deck the guy...and honestly (Sorry Law Enforcement) the cop would have deserved it. We were there to interact and counter the moonbats....NOT the police who we support and honor wholeheartedly.

The rally was breaking up and some of the moonbats mingled in once again with us, this time for discourse...its a normal thing at these rallys..after they get their fill of lies from whoever is speaking to them, they feel ready and armed to go test their new found knowledge. Just like the kid who comes home from school after having learned to spell a new word, its predictable.

The long haired pot smoking commie hippy who I mentioned earlier smelled like weed headed over to Mike and engaged him...oy...what a mistake that could have turned out to be, luckily Mike was FULLY in control of his emotions at this point. As they stood there, I held my american flag over the head of this guy...it irritated him..but never touched him, so smartly, he kept his mouth shut about it. He and Mike went around and around until the hippie mentioned God....Mike squared his shoulders and began to evangelise to the man, getting him to admit he know the Bible and follows the tenents....but one thing he said had to have me interject...he stated, "Jesus was a pacifist" Ahem...common moonbat misconception, Jesus was NO PACIFIST....in fact he was sent to earth to fight for man and injustice...take for example his constant condemnation PUBLICLY of the Pharisees...right down to his refusal to answer questions posed to him by the Sandhedrin...No..Jesus wasnt a pacifist...A pacifist lies down and takes it...Jesus didnt do this.

So after the hippie decided he wasnt going anywhere along comes a raging granny who tried to get the attention of Mikes minor daughter by putting her hands on her arm, I angrily turned to granny and told her to take her hands off and dont touch that minor. A COMMON tactic by the left at these rallies is to isolate and argue with the kids...they think they are easy targets...the kid in our group are not, but still, we have the rule that no child will be left behind. She asked me what my INFIDEL shirt stood for.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Are you kidding me? You are here protesting, and you have no idea what an INFIDEL is?"

She said no she didnt, that is when Mikes wife Tina jumped in and explained it to her, good thing, because I would have told her to bugger off and learn a thing or 2 before going to another rally to demonstrate against America.

Ok...so that is it, when the rally ended I thanked the police for being there, all the while mulling it over in my brain if I wanted to actually pursue a complaint against them for the day for refusing to honor our permit. In the end, I decided it wasnt worth it, and calls to the City Clerks office have gone un-responded to.

As soon as we have more pictures, there will be a posting here SPECIFICALLY to them. In the meantime, meet the first of 2 crews from Tucson as they prepared and prayed for the day.


Anonymous Michael said...

Outstandig reports of a great day, Thank you for standing up for America.

21 November, 2006 22:38  

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