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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Operation: Throw lefty a curve (Part 3)

Waiting for them to begin I noticed an older lady carrying a couple of signs that belonged to the Cochise County Republicans that said "We support our troops" I stopped her and asked her why she had our signs in her arms and that removing them is theft of private property. I asked her to put them back, she threw them on the ground and said, you put em back.

ESS got red in the face, picked one of them up, marched over to where the mic was setup for the speakers and put right in the ground .. hehehe .. then came back over. I chuckled and said she should have put it closer to traffic but she shrugged...it didnt take long for another moonbat to pick it up and toss it to the side. The other one I placed in front of an older man who was holding a no to torture sign and as I planted it he asked me what people were going to think of it as they drove by the support sign then the torture sign. I looked at him, chuckled and said, " I am sure the irony of you being next to a republican sign supporting the troops wont be lost on the motoring public" He glared at me and I moved away.

As their speakers were ready to begin, they sent someone over across the street to retrieve the moonbats who had lost their way and were standing in the shade of some trees. Earlier I had scanned the crowd and noticed all the usual suspects from protests in Tucson, including the bunch who had just been convicted in court of blocking a roadway in front of Raytheon. One of them is a particularly snively old lady name Gretchen who is affectionately called Wretchen by a few within our group.

Gretchen has a bad habit of name calling and getting pushy so the fact that she was arrested and convicted was somewhat of a feather in the cap of justice, though 4 out of the 5 charges against the group were dropped. All of them were ordered to pay fines and perform 8 hours of community service. Big whoop...even I would enjoy performing 8 hours of community service...hell I do more than that in a week!

Anyway, as the moonbats strode past us they glared...we made sure they had a narrow path to talk to their assembly area and Wretchen eyeballed me from about 15 feet away, when she got close enough to hear my voice I asked her if this was part of her community service....she was shocked and was about to say something but kept walking instead. Its funny what this group of people look like....unkempt, dirty and reeking of marijuana smoke, they all fit the sterotype to a tee.

As the last of their group walked past I picked up the odor of freshly smoked marijuana and a young couple, he with long hair and her wearing the hemp clothing that is so readily available I waved my hand in front of me and said loud enough for the 2 cops who were nearby to hear and said "WHEW someones been smoking weed, man that stinks" The girl started laughing and said YEP which of course caused the cops to step forward and ask her something, which I didnt hear. She wisely didnt answer and just said "can I go?" they said yes and off she went.

As they were allowed to mingle with us earlier, it was only fair that we be allowed to mingle with them, so our group started to try and make their way into the crowd...the cops formed a solid wall and told us to stay on our side of it, and that we were welcome to hold up any signs we wanted and be as loud as we want. This led to signs being put up, megaphones pulled out, car radios being turned up and patriotic music playing loudly.

I stood back and smiled inwardly, this is a tactic that they have used on us in the past, and it was about to come back and haunt them full force. Mike Lucero, a gold star father who lost his son to a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2004, was in the crowd. Next thing I know his son Sam came up to me and said his dad is about to be arrested, I asked him where he was and he pointed him out for me. As I walked up behind him he was arguing with the cops and telling them that his sons memory was being trampled on by the Sierra Vista police and why werent we allowed to mingle with them when they were allowed to be in and amongst us? He made an impassioned plea to the Sergeant for them to take their wall of uniforms down and the cop didnt relent. Mike then took off his sons memorial pin, threw it on the ground, and said, go ahead, you can be the first to trample on my son, these guys threw garbage on my sons grave, you guys go ahead and disrespect him too. (Side note, where Mikes son is buried someone had taken a garbage can and overturned it on his grave, leaving a mess there...it was deliberate and plays on Mikes mind everytime he participates in something like this) The cop bent over picked up the button, brushed it off and shined it, then handed it back to Mike saying, "We dont want to dishonor your son sir, you are the one disrespecting him here." That little bit of truth made me tense up....I half expected Mike to start swinging so I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed hard and whispered to him, "Come on Mike, thats enough, lets go, you arent going to win" Wayne then place a hand on Mikes other shoulder and started praying out loud, Mike was tense...and I mean TENSE.

The talking continued back and forth with the Police Sergant showing a USMC tatoo to Mike and Mike asked him if he had lost a son, the cop said no, but I know where your coming from man...Mike said he had no idea what it was like to feel the way he did. Next thing you know, Mikes good friend, DB, was there and dragged Mike away. Situation averted and diffused I went back over to where ESS was standing with a pissed off look on her face, complaining about the moonbats. I just shrugged and then PW Rachel was there.

We chit chatted, then the photographer with the SV Herald walked by, Rachel said something to the effect of nice manners, have a nice day. And the photographer turned around and called Rachel an asshole, Rachel shot back that she was one who was being an asshole flipping her off, then a cop said HEY THATS ENOUGH. The photographer went over to the cop and started arguing with him, he told her that if she didnt knock it off and stop causing trouble, she was going to be removed from the rally.

Amused, I turned to Rachel for an explanation. As it turns out, she earlier wanted to strike up a casual conversation with the reporter, her question to her was, "As a journalist of integrity, how do you feel about the Reuters Fauxtography in doctoring the pictures taken in Israel and misleading information?" Apparently the photographer, missing her chance to remove herself entirely from premise that the press lies and misleads, turned around, walked away and gave Rachel a 1 finger salute.

It was a VALID question...what was the photographer trying to hide? ANY journalist with integrity would have answered the question with a non support statement of what happened. This one didnt. Hmmm.

Time to to get ready for work, we are winding our way down, and one more part should cover the rest.

Still to come, Cops harass Mike after he makes it a point to sort of apologise for his earlier behavior, and a weed smoking hippy tries discourse with Mike about God. Also to come, a moonbat needs to have infidel explained to them (so much for knowing what they are protesting ... right?) and anger from the other side causes the name calling to begin.

Have a great day :)


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