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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lets see what others are saying

Ok, lets see if we can get back into the swing of things. Last year I was posting these on Wednesday, lets see how Sunday works this year:

Michael over at Flight Pundit has something to say about standing in respect to the American Fla
g. I admit, I have been remiss in this when the flag is on parade, Not anymore I say!

The Independant Conservative is hosting a video series
on the Roman Catholic Church vs the Bible, interesting stuff and a must look at!

The Absurd Report has the political quote of the day
and an interesting tribute to our soldiers, go over and take a look.

Old War Dogs has a Christmas message!

Big Dogs weblog talks on the reason for the season, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

The Bookworm Room has a tidbit on Huckabee
. I havent been following the presidential primaries too much, so I need to read up and start formulating opinions.

Mikes America has an interesting expose into Shrillary Clinton and her experience getting her into trouble
. Interesting how the Clintons always seem to be around corruption and scandal.

Another liberal loses heart
. Nothing since Feb...lol...LOSER!

Stop the ACLU has an interesting expose on Huckabee
and how his pro-life stance is questionable. Anyone notice a trend with me right off the bat regarding the presidential primary race? Yep, I dont like Huckabee a bit.

The Conservative Intelligence Report has an editorial
on Russia and the problems it is creating now. Maybe its time to rethink the cold war.

Jenn over at Happily bitch slapping liberals since 2001 records for all time Harry Reids flip flop on the surge, silly leftard liberal stupid ass Reid.

From Sweetness and Light
, we have an article on Santa Clause protesting Israel, SAY IT ISNT SO SANTA!!!! Heheh

American and Proud takes aim at Ron Paul (Another candidate who I know I dont want in there already)

And bringing up the rear, as usual because I save the best for last, is the Freedom Folks they bring us the quote of the day with commentary.

So there you have it, lets hope I can keep this up, I am remembering now how much work this actually is, I hope you appreciate it...lol

And to say something that hasn't been said in much too long


Merry Christmas everyone



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