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Thursday, January 10, 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Since the other guy is a bit (cough) sick and would like one of us to blog in his stead, here I am.

What shall we discuss today? Hmmmm....

My Running Journal

I have started running again after and on and off again love affair with the sport over the last few years. I ran regularly while in the Army and not just because I had to, either. I've run a few half-marathons and too many 5ks to count. One year my husband and I even went to Monterey, CA for one of the Big Sur Power Walks. Ooohhhh! Fun, exercise and wonderful views were had by all! Some of you may already know this last September, we even went to Lake Tahoe and ran/walked one of the many races offered during marathon week there. Anyway, I'm digressing....
I had originally wanted to get up VERY early and run by myself in the mornings, but as other parents know, we are already sleep deprived. I decided to actually use my jogging stroller for, well, jogging! I take Xander out just about every day now for a run. I'm still walking a little since our town is nothing but hills (up hill, really), but it's working out and Xander loves it! He's ready to go every morning at 0730! "Out, out!" He says and goes to the door. Ha Ha!

For your running motivation, check out Runner's World!

So, anyone else follow through on their New Year resolutions?? Please share!


Blogger LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Thanks vet....I am hoping to be back up and running for Sundays lets see what others are saying. Bed rest has done wonders for me but that is interspersed with HAVING to work.

I work, come home, go to bed, pay the neighbor to walk my dog and sleep.

Its crazy.

11 January, 2008 07:12  

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